Aging in place trailblazer focus – Savonix

Savonix – aiming for a world without dementia with an app that provides valuable information about your brain health and wellness.

Over the coming weeks, we will be bringing you extracts from 7 trailblazer profiles from our Aging in place Report. Each profile includes a flagship product deep dive as well as interoperability, target market, channels to market, success factors, IP and funding.
We also take a forensic overview with success grid and TRL assessment. Here’s the lowdown on Savonix.

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Savonix- Aging in place trailblazer
Savonix believes in a world without dementia, pioneering a cognitive assessment that delivers gold standard neuropsychological tests straight from a mobile device. Savonix has produced an accessible system that identifies cognitive impairment risks before symptoms appear, as well as tracking progression of mild cognitive impairment, allowing for intervention and to slow the progression of the disease. Savonix has created a digital cognitive assessment that is reliable, validated and sensitive to MCI (mild cognitive impairment) and Alzheimer’s disease.

The founding executive team, led by CEO Pin Chin Kwok and Chief Science Officer, Simon Collinson, expanded the early Savonix vision from democratising cognitive testing, to democratise brain health, leveraging AI to detect and predict risk and outcomes to ultimately provide preventative measures for dementia.

With high accessibility and clinical validity, Savonix is able to provide large-scale, cost-efficient, and accurate cognitive profiling. This puts Savonix in a unique position to bring about positive impacts on underdetected populations affected by MCI and dementia. The company, as a pioneer and thought leader in this space, has implemented composite risk scoring. Complex risk states like MCI require more data than just cognitive test scores to be accurately assessed. The platform uses cognitive performance from testing, as well as lifestyle and medical history to deliver a more holistic view of one’s cognitive health, including the type of impairment if one is already impaired, and if not impaired, the risk of impairment in the future.

Savonix seeks the successful engagement of at-risk people, pushing for the early detection of degenerative conditions to provide appropriate therapies, programs and even trials to those in need.

Savonix also provides rich population risk profiling, including a predictive analysis and interventions outcomes measurement. Savonix uses this information to provide key insights and recommendations for particular groups. In addition, it can provide insights on a population with a granular breakdown of sociodemographic and lifestyle risk factors.

Further, when Savonix’s data is used with other products and interventions, “real world evidence” can be provided to other businesses in the sector to aid product planning, research and development, and healthcare product marketing enhancement.

Aging in place trailblazer

Longevity Potential: Savonix cognitive function predictor and support platform

Savonix’s mobile app incorporates its cutting-edge cognitive assessment software in a user-friendly package. With test bundles customised to screening use or clinical need, users can complete and view their cognitive assessment result with ease. Within 12 minutes a user can browse through their cognition, lifestyle and metabolic health readings alongside a comprehensive overview of their cognitive health. The support platform provides access to resources, giving the user content related to their results, receiving intervention programs and appointment scheduling with appropriate health care professionals if necessary.

Savonix software is supporting anyone with memory and brain health concerns to combat a population wide fear of cognitive degeneration, enabling early detection of cognitive risk, empowering individuals and their families to take steps early and allowing them to make appropriate preventative plans. The app’s educational content and connections to locally available resources support early intervention, which has been shown to give individuals the best chance to extend healthy life years. By enabling easy access to neuropsychologists, and or other specialists, who typically have wait times of several months, Savonix is driving healthcare accessibility for those most at risk of cognitive decline.

Savonix’s neuropsychological tests cover all cognitive domains and have been accessed for clinical validity, reliability, sensitivity and specificity. While comprehensive, Savonix can modularise testing into shorter sessions, across specified frequencies. For example, a 10-12 min test bundle is offered and is sensitive and specific to MCI. Beyond pure cognitive measures, Savonix also delivers a rich AI-driven composite cognitive risk score. The adaptive learning platform keeps up user engagement and ongoing monitoring and, at the same time, maps trends and trajectories as they respond to intervention.

This preventative intervention method is key in combating cognitive decline. This is because 40-60% of MCI is reversible if significant lifestyle changes are made. 1-3 lifestyle changes can include:

  • Getting enough sleep
  • Exercising more
  • Increasing social interaction
  • Incorporating a healthy diet

These are all changes Savonix provides advice upon, to create personalised care plans with the aim of improving individuals’ cognitive health.

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