Amplifier doses first patients in trial and closes new financing

Cambrian Bio pipeline company Amplifier Therapeutics kicks off Phase 1B clinical trial and secures new financing from Future Ventures and RA Capital Management.

Amplifier Therapeutics, one of Cambrian Bio‘s pipeline companies, today announced the dosing of the first patient in its Phase 1B clinical trial investigating ATX-304, a peripherally restricted pan-AMPK activator being developed for the treatment of cardiometabolic diseases.

The Phase 1B trial is an 8-week, double-blind, randomized placebo-controlled study in prediabetic, overweight or obese subjects, being conducted in the European Union. The study will focus primarily on the safety and pharmacokinetics of ATX-304 and also will include exploratory outcomes measuring its effect on metabolic parameters and muscle.

Longevity.Technology: James Peyer, PhD, the CEO of Cambrian Bio, previously told us that: “AMPK is one of the most sought-after drug targets in aging research.” And with good reason. We run on cellular energy, using it to repair and grow, as well as performing the myriad processes that keep us alive and functioning. When our biological power levels dwindle, sensors flag up the dropping levels, and one key energy sensor activated when this happens is AMPK. As a result, generation of ATP, the energy-ferrying molecule that brings sugar from the blood into the cell, and mobilizes fat to produce more energy from fatty acids, is increased.

When there is increased energy demand, triggered by things like exercise, fasting and reduced oxygen supply, AMPK is activated, but the body’s ability to activate AMPK decreases as we age. AMPK plays a key role in whole body energy regulation, and this means AMPK activators have broad potential therapeutic applications in metabolic conditions, cardiovascular diseases, kidney diseases and cancer. Amplifier’s ATX-304 is one such activator.

“The administration of ATX-304 to the first patient in this trial signifies a pivotal moment in the clinical development of ATX-304,” said James Hall, CEO of Amplifier Therapeutics. “We believe our compound could transform the lives of patients, with potential in treating cardiometabolic and aging-related diseases.”

In 2023, Amplifier Therapeutics became the third of Cambrian’s pipeline companies to emerge from stealth mode. By leveraging Cambrian’s hub-and-spoke model, the Cambrian and Amplifier teams effectively advanced through this clinical milestone and will plan to continue collaborating as the program progresses.

“Over the past 9 months, the Cambrian and Amplifier team efficiently collaborated to rapidly advance the clinical development of ATX-304,” said Ruth Thieroff-Ekerdt, MD, EVP of Clinical Development at Cambrian Bio.

“This trial will enable a wide-reaching indication strategy by informing us of the best avenues to pursue in order to maximize the impact of ATX-304 to chronic diseases affecting large populations and not adequately addressed by existing therapies.”

Simultaneously, RA Capital Management, a multi-stage investment manager focused on evidence-based investing in healthcare and life science companies, and Future Ventures, a venture capital firm focused on trailblazing technology companies, have joined the Amplifier Series A financing led by Cambrian. This new funding brings Amplifier’s Series A to $33.25 million, enabling the company to significantly accelerate its research and development efforts.