Ani Biome lands LongeVC backing to boost longevity via the microbiome

Longevity company develops personalized approaches to improve gut microbiome function and combat inflammation.

Metabolites-as-medicine company Ani Biome has secured an undisclosed investment from longevity focused investment firm, LongeVC. Co-founded by Nika Pintar and Bruno Balen, the company is focused on enhancing gut health to promote human longevity.

Leveraging a blend of machine learning models, Ani Biome offers personalized solutions to improve gut microbiome function and combat inflammation, a common factor in age-related chronic conditions. Through its digital platform, the company assesses individuals non-invasively, tailoring naturally derived molecules, called AgeBiotics, to their specific needs.

“Ani Biome combines a novel approach to AI with microbiome science to deliver personalised care,” said Sergey Jakimov, managing partner at LongeVC. “This investment aligns with our fund’s focus on biotech, which reinvents healthcare practices and outcomes. Ani Biome’s approach does this and brings us closer to a future where treatment is aligned with individual requirements and data.”

Ani Biome‘s approach is designed to promote short-chain fatty acid (SCFA) production within the gut, leveraging it as an “internal bioreactor” to mitigate low-grade chronic inflammation. The company’s app provides daily gut health monitoring and employs generative AI for emotional state tracking through proprietary tongue scans and a graph database.

Backed by numerous studies demonstrating the health benefits of fermentation-derived nutrients, Ani Biome’s scientists have linked these molecules to metabolic and psychological health outcomes. This research culminated in the development of AgeBiotics, distinguished by their superior bioavailability and confirmed health benefits through preclinical and clinical studies.

Ani Biome will use the new funding to support its ongoing research and development efforts, refining its molecule design process through multi-layered machine learning models rooted in quantum chemistry. Last year, the company revealed it was collaborating with Deep Longevity on the development of gut health-management tools to support longevity, prevent diseases and manage stress.

“If you want to deliver science to the masses, and if your goal is to create an impact on longevity – in this case through gut health – you should come up with a way of how to ‘package’ this very complicated science into something accessible and approachable for the end consumer,” added Jakimov. “The first iteration of Ani Biome’s product is definitely doing it successfully.”

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Photograph: iLexx/Envato