ARDD: Turning it up to 10

Longevity.Technology’s CEO is our man on the ground in Copenhagen at the Aging Research and Drug Discovery Conference.

Conference season is definitely upon us. I haven’t bothered emptying my travel toiletries bag – I just use it at home for a few days before it goes back in my trusty cabin bag ready for the vagaries of international travel.

After a great event in Dublin, it was off to Copenhagen for ARDD, now in its tenth year and stronger than ever.

Longevity.Technology: The agenda has got Alex Zhavoronkov written all over it: packed-full of science ideas and relentless. The program runs 9am to 9pm for five days.

You’d think that 60 hours of conference would result in poorly attended sessions with people checking their phones, but not a bit of it; every session was packed, and what was so interesting to see, was the key opinion leaders of longevity sitting next to students diligently banging notes into their laptops.

The speaker list for the 10th Aging Research and Drug Discovery Meeting meeting is an endless scroll of scientists, clinicians, CEOs, investors, pharma execs and longevity advocates.

Alex Zhavoronkov (R) and Phil Newman (L) enjoy a break in proceedings

In 2019, the conference relocated to Denmark at the University of CopenhagenProfessor Morten Scheibye-Knudsen, who heads up the biology of aging lab, took over the responsibility for staging the event with his team – it was great seeing students and helpers running around in ARRD t-shirts keeping things running smoothly.

The event continues over the balance of this week; check out Alex Zhavoronkov’s article on ForbesLongevity Medicine Day was just Day 1 of 5!

As I write this report I see that David Sinclair has just taken to the stage – IRL, not dialled-in via Zoom, which says a lot about how ARDD has become such a key event in the longevity science calendar.

Check out Alex Zhavoronkov’s daily reports from the conference:

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Photos Longevity.Technology. Main image shows Eric Verdin presenting biomarker insights to a packed hall at the University of Copenhagen.