Aubrey de Grey video interview – timing is everything

Aubrey de Grey on the “explosion of senotherapeutic companies” and “emphasising blue sky, early stage, high risk, high reward projects”.

As part of Longevity.Technology’s research for our senotherapeutics report, we conducted a survey on a panel of 18 researchers and executives, all experts in the senotherapeutics field. This survey was designed to derive well informed insights on the challenges, opportunities and potential of senotherapeutics as a clinical tool for disease care and longevity within the next 5 years.

Then we went one better and interviewed Dr Aubrey de Grey, founder and Chief Science Officer of SENS Research Foundation and member of our Advisory Panel. Dr de Grey also contributed the foreword for the above report. We asked him the same six questions (and a few of our own) and he gave some pretty fascinating answers – candid and on camera.

Check out our interview with Aubrey on targeting senescence, senotherapeutic strategies, enhancing senotherapeutics with technology and senotherapeutics in clinical trials.

To add some context, you can also take a spin through the results of our expert panel; they make for very interesting reading in terms of the types of senotherapeutics and target diseases, as well as technological and regulatory considerations that experts believe are most important for driving success moving forward. Additional narrative and analysis is given in our senotherapeutics report.

Access the report as a download or subscription HERE, check out our senotherapeutic company profiles HERE and watch our briefing video HERE.

We have an in-depth interview with Dr de Grey coming out next week – stay tuned!

Image courtesy of Erin Ashford