Avea and Lanserhof join forces to promote healthspan and longevity

Collaboration aims to slow down the biological clock through autophagy-stimulating supplement.

Two longevity brands have come together to extend healthspan, the time during which one is healthy and free from life-limiting diseases.

Lanserhof, the company behind a series of global healthcare clinics known for their high standards, and Avea, one of the fastest-growing longevity brands in Europe, are joining forces to provide clinic guests with an even wider range of highly effective supplements for maintaining vitality and quality of life, with Avea’s innovative Cell Primer is being added to Lanserhof’s OTC offering from today.

The Cell Primer was developed collaboratively by Dr Jan Stritzke, the medical founding director of Lanserhof, and Sophie Chabloz, CSO and Cofounder of Avea.

Sophie Chabloz, CSO and Cofounder of Avea (L) and Dr Jan Stritzke, the medical founding director of Lanserhof

“At Avea, we have found a partner who combines the ideal synergy between the six ingredients of the ‘Cell Primer’ and Lanserhof’s Longevity philosophy,” said Chabloz on the occasion of the launch. “This way, we can slow down the biological clock.”

Stritzke adds: “Drawing on the latest medical research, this nutritional supplement offers an innovative approach to stimulating autophagy. It could be a significant step towards sustainable regeneration and prevention.”

The partnership between Avea and Lanserhof is set to grant customers access to products developed by experienced scientists and enable them to benefit from Avea’s active ingredients of Avea’s products, which the company has selected to improve health and well-being

Main photo courtesy of Avea/Lanserhof. Sophie Chabloz photo credit: Lukas Kuth. Jan Stritzke photo credit: Maximilian Koenig.