BioAge partners with Age Labs to decipher healthy longevity

BioAge will analyse longitudinal samples and clinical data to identify pathways associated with healthy longevity and develop drug targets for diseases of aging.

BioAge Labs, a biotech developing therapeutics that target the molecular causes of aging to extend healthy human lifespan, has announced that it has initiated a partnership agreement with Age Labs AS, a diagnostic company that develops tests for the early detection of age-related diseases.

Longevity.Technology: Under the terms of the agreement, BioAge will perform multi-omics analyses on samples and health records from the Nord-Trøndelag Health Study (HUNT) biobank collected from more than 100,000 Northern European volunteers over more than 25 years of aging, and apply machine learning methods to the resultant data to reveal the key molecular mechanisms of healthy human longevity.

The agreement grants BioAge exclusive access for the purpose of drug discovery to data generated by the partnership.

“Biobanks containing samples collected from healthy people over decades of follow-up are exceptionally rare, and can provide invaluable insight into the molecular bases of healthy longevity,” said Kristen Fortney, PhD, chief executive officer (CEO) and co-founder of BioAge.

Kristen Fortney PhD
Kristen Fortney PhD

“BioAge’s AI-driven discovery platform, built on analysis of human longevity data, has already yielded multiple clinical-stage assets to treat age-related disease. Our exclusive access to data generated from this large and important biobank will dramatically accelerate our ability to discover and target new aging mechanisms with our diverse and growing portfolio of drugs.”

The HUNT biobank contains biological materials, including blood samples suitable for proteomic and metabolomic analyses, collected longitudinally from 1995 to the present day. The biobank is paired with a databank containing health survey data, clinical records, and mortality outcomes for all participants.

“High-quality longitudinal human data are ideal for investigating aging biology and discovering novel aging targets,” said Eric Morgen, MD, chief operations officer (COO) and co-founder of BioAge.

“Therefore, we are thrilled to have the opportunity to analyze material from a biobank containing samples collected longitudinally from individuals in this carefully curated population-based cohort over more than a quarter century. Importantly, the databank containing each cohort participant’s medical records enables us to correlate our biological measurements with health outcomes, and thus determine which pathways are most strongly associated with healthy longevity.”

BioAge’s ML/AI-driven discovery platform deeply analyses omics data from biological samples from longitudinal cohorts to reveal proteins and metabolites associated with healthy longevity or age-related pathology, and then identifies drug targets in key longevity pathways with the aim of treating age-related disease.

Age Labs uses EPIPHANY, its machine learning–based biomarker discovery platform to develop biomarkers for the early detection of diseases and predict drug response, with a focus on aging and immunology.

BioAge will use the data generated by the partnership to identify, develop, and commercialise drug targets for diseases of aging, while Age Labs will discover, develop, and commercialise biomarkers for applications in diagnostics and clinical trials.

“Age Labs has built an innovative approach to deriving actionable biomarkers of healthy aging, and in particular identifying health risks prior to the onset of diagnosable disease,” added Morgen. “We are excited to collaborate with Age Labs on a project that will provide new insights into healthy longevity and bring substantial benefit to both companies.”

Existing agreements grant BioAge access to other biobanks from multiple distinct geographical regions, collected from thousands of subjects with up to 45 years of follow-up after blood sampling. Biobank materials are coupled with health data including lifespan, disease status, and functional and cognitive outcomes.

BioAge is actively seeking to expand the its human aging cohort data through additional biobank partnerships, with multiple cohorts currently under diligence.

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Photograph: BioAge