Biohacking infradian rhythm can improve female healthspan

Forget the circadian rhythm – when it comes to optimum healthspan for women, infradian rhythm is the flavor of the month, says Aggie Lal.

LA-based Aggie Lal is a biohacker and nutritional coach who is on a mission to help women get fit, lose weight and have more energy through understanding and leveraging the infradian rhythm – going beyond the daily circadian rhythms and looking at the monthly flow of bodily cycles, including, especially, the menstrual cycle.

Longevity.Technology: Aggie Lal’s new book, Biohack Like a Woman, is described as a “blueprint” on how to listen to the infradian rhythm and calibrate an individualized biohacking protocol based on the user’s own biological needs.

Ahead of the release of the audiobook of Biohack Like a Woman, we caught up with Aggie Lal to find out more about infradian rhythm, biohacking and her own healthspan journey.

Lal cites the driver for her new book as the significant gap between the cutting edge science behind biohacking and holistic wellness, which she frames as “helping women live according to their intuition and their cycle”.

“I wanted to merge the two together because I think there’s a lot of wisdom in both,” she explains. “I have tried biohacking for myself from a male perspective and it wasn’t really working. I felt as if I was at fault for not being able to cold plunge or fast for 20 hours, but it turns out that we women are very different and so we don’t have to do all of these things. I wanted women to be able to biohack, but if they follow the wrong biohacking experts, they probably won’t see great results and blame themselves.”

Lack of knowledge is a problem, says Lal, when it comes to women wanting to change up their healthspan.

“I realized we don’t really know our bodies – we don’t know what’s working and why,” she says. “We don’t understand our hormones, we don’t understand our cycle, and we’re not being taught about the power of ovulation. But, if we can appreciate those things, as women, that understanding can help us thrive. If you’re not living according to your psyche, you’re working against it; sometimes just that one piece of advice could completely change your lifestyle.”

People are familiar with the circadian rhythm, the physical and behavioral changes experienced over a 24-hour cycle. Whereas circadian means around a day, infradian means beyond a day.

Biohacking infradian rhythm can improve female healthspan
Influencer Aggie Lal says biohacking is for everyone

“Infradian rhythm is the rhythm that women were born to live according to – and it’s a 28 day cycle,” Lal explains. “We’re lunar. We’re synced with the moon, ideally, and as the moon goes through phases, so do women. Ovulation is around new moon, and menstruation is around full moon – once you understand how crazy that is and how many similarities there are, and you can adjust your diet, workouts, lifestyle, fasting according to that. It’s just life changing.”

Lal is currently working on a new app which will enable her to sync with their female partner’s cycle. “Hopefully it will avoid a lot of conflicts,” she says. “I think for men, it will be such a flex to be able to appreciate the female cycle.”

Lal feels that much of future biohacking will be done via smart phone apps.

“It will be easy. Just an app on your phone, a quick blood finger prick test, and the outputs will tell you exactly what where you are deficient and what is lacking in your body – immediate feedback. The AI in the app would read your blood so you wouldn’t have to go to a doctor and get an appointment and wait two weeks. Instead, you will be able to take supplements based on that day’s readings, not just because someone recommended it for your age or sex. These healthspan apps will be highly personalized and based on realtime data.”

Lal’s biohacking journey began when she realized that although she was healthy, she wasn’t really celebrating her body.

“I started with detoxifying my body; we are exposed to 168 chemicals a day due to cosmetics and household items from shampoos to cleaning products,” Lal explains. “We are bombarded with toxins, especially from drinking tap water that’s full of heavy metals and lead and mercury and whatnot. My number one thing was to heal my gut and remove toxins from my body.”

Lal underwent a series of heavy metal tests. “I was full of heavy metals. Then I did my gut test, and that was all over the place, and I realized I probably have a leaky gut and a lot of inflammation in my body. Taking action to improve my gut health, helping my hair grow back where I previously had bald patches. My skin improved and I lost weight.”

Despite weighing 42kg, Lal also found out she was pre diabetic at 40, something she attributes to her vegan diet at the time.

“I started with just introducing organ meat into my diet as they are nutrient dense. I now eat meat, and while I don’t think you need to start eating meat necessarily, I do think that having some sort of animal derived fat or protein for women especially could help with fertility.”

When it comes to successful biohacking, Lal says the secret is to nail one step at a time.

“Many people start by changing their diet, but it’s more important to change the timing of your food. Introduce fasting according to your cycle. Everyone can do 12 hours, for example, so avoid super late dinners and putting food in your mouth as soon as you wake up.

“Then limit my everything you eat into three meals a day to avoid the constant grazing and snacking that came in in the 80s. We should have enough metabolic flexibility to eat three times a day. And then third, just eat enough food in the right order, so you can manage your glucose. Start with vegetables and fiber and fill up on those and have protein and fats, and then, at the very end, have carbs and sugar so it doesn’t spec your glucose.”

Lal is keen to explode the myth that biohacking is only for the few.

“It’s not like golf – full of rich men and very cliquey,” she explains. “That’s the biggest misconception. You see those guys in bespoke plunge pools and hyperbaric chambers costing $100k and you feel you can’t achieve anything. That’s not true – many biohacks are free and you can actually end up saving money when you biohack. Anyone can have a cold shower and grab ten minutes in the sun!”

Biohacking is also extremely relevant for women moving through the stages of perimenopause, menopause and post-menopause.

“There are so many things that you can do to feel absolutely incredible,” Lal explains. “And I think in the mainstream, menopause is considered to be a time where women just stand by and almost wait to die.

“But these are times when women can thrive; fasting can help, cold plunging can help. There are actually more women in perimenopause and menopause than are ovulating, and by biohacking they can thrive and feel great.”

The Biohack Like a Woman audiobook comes out on 1st March and the printed version is available now.

Photographs courtesy of Aggie Lal