Biohacking our way back to physical events again

Tim Gray is the UK’s leading biohacking expert and founder/curator of the Health Optimisation Summit which takes place in London, 18-19 September: physical events are back: yay!

Longevity.Technology: It’s always great to talk about biohacking – what the experts say always makes sense (and busts-myths) and the guidance is enlightening and starts simply: better sleep, yes please; reduced stress, yep – we’re down!

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Check out my fascinating quick-fire interview with Tim:

Tim Gray on biohacking and more …

Holding a physical event again:
My goal was to knuckle down and just build a physical event so that when this pandemic is over everyone can get to meet again, and hang out in a safe environment.
What’s planned for the Health Optimisation Summit?

We’ve got 40 speakers across two days, we’ve got around 100 exhibitors, and workshops throughout the day for things like functional movement; we’ve got a sauna, cold plunge pool and many other features – the agenda is packed solid with the world’s leading keynotes within the health space.

Who will be attending?

We have around 65% general public, 20-25% practitioners, and the remainder are execs and professionals from sports companies etc.
How can someone get started with biohacking?

That’s the biggest question I get asked: where do I start? I take it back a step. I’m a biohacker, I’m a big follower of Dave Asprey, and he’s now a colleague, he’s a major stakeholder in the summit, and I’m bulletproof mindset through and through.
Dave Asprey
So I use sleep optimisation as number one, which obviously you can track with your Aura Ring or equivalent device. Then it evolves from just sleep optimising to optimising your day, which is obviously about circadian rhythm, which is based on Dr. Satchin Panda’s work, who is actually a speaker this year at the summit. So that’s about optimising your day, the timing of your day, what you do, and when and when you eat, and when you wear your blue blockers and things like that. So by optimising your day, you optimise your sleep.

What about your new course?
So the course is structured eight days of the most basic things, but the devil is in the detail and then it guides step-by-step how to tweak and measure so that you can see the compound effect from biohacking.

Feedback around the hydration module has been amazing: so many people can’t believe that just adding a bit of Celtic sea salt to their water strategically around the day has helped their sleep and their energy, their fatigue and many other things.

ealth Optimisation SummitImage credit: Tim Gray, Health Optimisation Summit