Jinfiniti – a better healthspan through precision medicine

Jinfiniti want to help you make better health decisions by measuring your hallmarks of aging – including NAD, senescence and oxidative stress.

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Jinifiniti - Biological Age Diagnostics Trailblazer

Jinfiniti was founded in 2018 by renowned scientist Dr Jin-Xiong She who revolutionised the fields of diabetes and cancer therapy by applying a strategy of predictive, preventative and personalised medicine. Jinfiniti is laser focused on solving “the aging problem” by helping individuals make informed health decisions by tracking changes in an array of the most impactful and modifiable biomarkers of aging within their body.

Jinfiniti understands that every individual ages differently and believes that by taking a holistic and quantitative approach, each individual can make sense of the unique factors accelerating or slowing down their unique aging process. It is Jinfiniti’s mission to empower individuals to use their tests within a “test-intervention-retest” paradigm in order to construct a personalised longevity strategy that transforms their healthspan.

This focus on improving healthspan places Jinfiniti outside of the disease diagnosis domain, a well established and competitive environment and firmly in the health and wellness space where their company can truly thrive.

“I have worked in the disease therapeutics space for several decades and it is well occupied by several remarkable companies developing impactful technologies,” explains She. “Jinfiniti is not in the business of addressing disease, we are in the business of promoting wellness and preventing disease.

We seek to marry rigorous science with actionable insights to empower individuals to make a real impact on their health and quality of life.”

The idea for Jinfiniti had been incubating in Dr She’s mind for several years and has an origin story that very much aligns with the company’s philosophy today. Dr She has had a long history of interest in the nutraceuticals space, especially the prospects of improving the efficacy of nutraceuticals by bringing evidence-based science to a realm that is currently poorly regulated and chock-full of “snake-oil” salesmen.

In 2010, Dr She challenged his nephew, who had a supplement company in China, to break out of this paradigm and prove his supplements work by testing what people need and measuring how his supplements were working for customers. A strategy that even today remains largely ignored by supplement companies. Dr She decided to apply his extensive scientific expertise to revolutionise the way the supplement field operated by making this rigorous strategy “the norm” within the field.

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Dr She discovered that the longevity field was the ideal space to implement these principles when he met a functional medicine doctor that requested he design a test that could be used to validate the efficacy of longevity interventions by measuring how patients were aging on a cellular/molecular level.

It was this serendipitous meeting that led to the birth of Jinfiniti and their powerful health paradigm: “Age related diseases have a common set of root causes that, before manifesting as disease, result in sub-optimal health that can be measured, tracked and remedied”. With this single paradigm Jinfiniti addresses both the core of preventative medicine and the ultimate goal of geroscience.

Nearly 20 years ago, Dr She started the first research program that united bioinformatics and scientific benchwork under the same roof at the Medical College of Georgia of Augusta University. Since then Dr She has been on the leading-edge of applying multi-factorial analysis and expertise in integrating different data types to understand and therapeutically address complex disease processes.

There is no process that is as multi-faceted and deserving of a holistic approach than the process of aging, the rate of which is influenced by nearly everything we are exposed to in our environment (collectively called our “exposome”).

Jinfiniti is applying this quantitative approach to make sense of how each individual is aging (within the context of their unique exposome) by developing novel technologies and assays that help their customers measure classically immeasurable biomarkers of aging and use this information to help them make the right decisions to preserve their health.

Highlighting the unique value that Jinfiniti provides within the BioAge diagnostic space is the fact that they are the first – and only – provider of NAD and cellular senescence testing for consumers. Two of the most powerful biomarkers (and drivers) of aging, both of which can be influenced by various supplements, lifestyle changes and drugs.

“Aging is an extremely complex process. Hence within the longevity field, no single company alone is going to succeed at solving the aging problem.” Dr She is steadfast in his intent for Jinfiniti not to compete with any other company. This is exemplified by the astounding number of collaborations Jinfiniti has established within the field.

“I feel a sense of urgency to ‘solve the aging problem’, both for selfish and altruistic reasons, in which collaboration is going to be key. There is plenty of space for innovation within the longevity field and Jinfiniti will continue developing and producing things that are unique. I believe rapid progress within the longevity field will be made through mutually beneficial collaboration and not cut-throat competition. This is one of the reasons why we don’t operate in secrecy or have extensive IP protection. This being said, if anyone wants to compete – I welcome it”.

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