TruDiagnostic – measuring biological age through epigenetic testing and research

TruDiagnostic provides a full suite of aging related metrics, including telomere length measurements, intrinsic and extrinsic age calculations, immune cell subset deconvolution, current pace of aging and more. 

We have been bringing you extracts from 7 trailblazer profiles from our new Biological age diagnostics report – dynamic and innovative companies we feel are driving this exciting space, and we are continuing that today with TruDiagnostic. Each profile includes a flagship product deep dive which offers a forensic consideration of product development, efficacy, target market, channels to market, success factors, IP and funding.

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TruDiagnostic - Biological Age Diagnostics Trailblazer

Founded in 2020, TruDiagnostic has already been making headway in the longevity industry with a mission to improve people’s lives. TruDiagnostic wants to arm patients and physicians with information, enabling them to make the right decisions at the right times through insights found in the fluid epigenome.

The company’s core belief is that methylation is a biomarker with robust potential because it can be crossed-trained to other biomarkers in a multi-omic framework. With a market currently made up of physicians in the integrative, cash-pay medicine space, TruDiagnostic have a clear pathway to profit, with immediate plans to offer direct to consumer kits and insights starting in 2022. Currently TruDiagnostic reporting is mostly for age-related diagnostics through their TruAge test, but this will be expanded as more data is collected for additional health verticals.

In addition to the clinical test offering, TruDiagnostic also provides laboratory services to research institutions. This includes proteomic analysis, RNA-Sequencing and genomic processing services. It has a robust bioinformatics department that can analyse large datasets for new predictive health algorithms. While TruDiagnostic aims to continue to produce the best aging algorithms to date, it is also expanding into other areas of epigenetic interpretation with an overall goal to become a leader in its clinical service.

TruDiagnostic’s unique ability, making it stand out from the competition, is the ability to leverage the benefits of its large cash pay provider database. The physicians, nurses and other healthcare providers in this space are uniquely interested in aging and preventative medicine. This allows the company to use these to distribute testing, but more importantly, it also helps gather unique and in-depth covariates that can be obtained from direct-to-consumer testing.

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These covariates are incredibly important, especially as the field of methylation continues to expand, as methylation data is useless without the outcomes and phenotypes of patients. Through TruDiagnostic’s physician relationships, it are able to conduct low-cost clinical trials and gather health history and data such as blood chemistries, immune profiles, microbiome testing and more. This data allows investigation into the connections of these phenotypes to the methylome which then allows TruDiagnostic to be uniquely suited to create new algorithms, offering even more value.

TruDiagnostic will be updating its unique rate of aging algorithm every 5 years as the cohort ages enabling even more accurate rate of aging determinations. It also plans to create saliva conversion methods of all published aging clocks to make saliva collection a viable and accurate option.

Further, the company plans to release a skin aging algorithm; this will provide the first epigenetic algorithm to quantify skin aging based on phenotypic measurements. They believe this technology will be heavily adopted by skincare brands and medical spas in the future. Lastly, TruDiagnostic plans to release a custom research array to investigate the imprintome. With collaborators, TruDiagnostic has identified for the first time, all areas in the genome which are imprinted and inherited by a single patient.

These areas have a large relationship to many diseases, and will be offered as an array of research investigations for private research groups and universities studying autism, Alzhiemer’s, schizophrenia and many other imprintome associated disease

TruDiagnostic’s key performance objectives are:

  • Developing new intellectual property through their testing and analysis programs
  • Identifying new partnerships
  • Increasing their testing volume with additional lower cost reports
  • Providing medical interventions based on these reports from supplements to telemed and EHR access

TruDiagnostic’s additional opportunity for growth is the development of new IP through building out their phenotype and multi-omic database, enabled by partnerships with academia and an extensive provider network. It seeks to develop new IP that assess epigenetic changes and cellular senescence and other hallmarks of aging through methylation testing.

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