Bioparker launches to improve patient care and save on costs

Bioparker Corporation is on a mission to revolutionise healthcare by delivering innovation, interoperability solutions and secure remote physiological monitoring.

Bioparker Corporation, a joint venture between two minority-owned digital health companies, launches today, claiming the world’s first and only Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resource (FHIR) compliant electronic health records (EHR) system and SMART Tract® Ecosystem that exceeds recently established CMS, FHIR, and FDA regulations.
A joint venture between Biostrap Corporation and LCA Vantage Healthcare, Bioparker provides customisable modules including a Remote Physiologic Monitoring (RPM) solution, allowing healthcare professionals to expand care services and improve patient outcomes for value-based care and fee-for-service healthcare models
Longevity.Technology: The global electronic health records and remote physiologic monitoring markets were valued at greater than $50 billion in 2020 with significant growth anticipated through 2028 as Government initiatives continue to encourage healthcare accessibility, centralisation, digitisation and streamlined administration to reduce the burden on medical resources. Despite billions of dollars of investment in digital health, current solutions have failed to adapt and meet the needs of the modern healthcare system. Recognising the need to address these gaps, Bioparker has worked to collaboratively develop a solution it hopes will revolutionise and deliver on the unfulfilled promises of digital health.
“Bioparker revolutionizes the delivery, management, accessibility, and cost of care through meaningful use and implementation of digital health technology,” said Vince Lopez, CEO at Bioparker. “There is nothing comparable to our solution on the market today [1].”
Bioparker’s medical products and services are built upon the Parker System, a full-stack, cloud-based healthcare platform with customisable features including Electronic Medical Record, Electronic Health Record, patient care management, prescription drug management, computerised provider order entry, automated coding and billing, healthcare analytics and continuous biometrics. The Parker System is patent pending.
To keep pace with the emerging RPM market, Bioparker integrates continuous data using proprietary medical devices. On a mission to constantly innovate, Bioparker plans to leverage an unprecedented amount of health data to develop and validate novel biometrics, algorithms, and refined clinical workflows, while supporting decentralised clinical research initiatives.
Hitting the ground running, Bioparker has already submitted a white paper to Veterans Affairs (VA) to modernise a long-maligned section of the Government and is working to develop and establish partnerships with leading healthcare providers in hospitals, accountable care organisations, home health, research universities, long-term care facilities and pharmaceutical research.
“When establishing Bioparker, our goal was not to ‘fix’ the healthcare system as it is today but engineer a solution that completely transforms how healthcare is delivered and received,” added Sameer Sontakey, President at Bioparker [1].