Biostarks: home longevity testing that democratizes access to your biological data

Analyzing biomarkers to provide practical actionable insights from objective data.

With labs in Salt Lake City in the US and Geneva in Switzerland, Biostarks is a company built on advanced, innovative blood testing solutions for athletes. Now it is leveraging that experience and knowledge with a suite of cutting-edge tech that individuals can use to optimize their health and performance.

The Biostarks team of scientists and physicians can analyze a wide range of biomarkers, from hormones to nutrients, and provide actionable insights into an individual’s health status and performance potential. Through easy-to-use self-collection biomarker test kits that can be conveniently performed at home, individuals can monitor their health and track their progress in real-time, empowering them to make informed decisions about their diet, exercise and lifestyle choices.

Longevity.Technology: Biostarks does not outsource its testing to third party labs, but instead conducts testing at its own accredited laboratories; the team uses a unique proprietary algorithm and results platform to generate rigorous, precise results, and with a sports test kit and nutrition test kit already on the market and a longevity test kit available for pre-order on Indiegogo, we wanted to find out more! We sat down with Pierre-Edouard Sottas, Founder and Chief Scientific Officer at Biostarks to discover more about the company and how it is hoping to move the needle on longevity testing.

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Pierre-Edouard Sottas on…

The test of champions

Our Sports Test Kit is used by the best athletes in the world, including Olympic champions, NBA teams and soccer teams in England’s Premier League. Our tests help people exercise better, promote endurance and help people to improve their performance and understand their biomarkers of endurance. The blood test gives a lot of objective data, and our longevity test is based on these and on micronutrient and hormone panels – we have created a test that is much more specific to longevity.

Time for answers

NAD+, rapamycin, markers of senescence – all these things are moving so fast now in the longevity field, but people can get lost. How much of something to take? For sure, we can measure biological age, but the impact is not direct. We need guidance – how much, how often, should we take precursors? We can provide those answers with a simple blood test that can be taken at home.

One of Biostarks’ goals is to democratize access to biological data – shipping globally, an easy-to-perform at home blood test, prepaid return and results straight to the app.

The NAD+ problem

Our longevity test takes a NAD+ measurement, and this is something we’re proud of, because it was a bit of a challenge! In fact, NAD is very easy to measure, but the challenge is that it is a very unstable molecule. If you take a blood test, you have to measure NAD very quickly unless you take precautions. We developed a blood test that was able to stabilize NAD in just minutes. It’s a breakthrough that means we can test NAD levels in cells, rather than just in serum.

NAD is a molecule involved in so many hallmarks of aging, but every day we learn more. And now we have the means to test NAD reliably and to recommend actions that maintain NAD levels.

That, along with all the biomarkers and markers of senescence means we can help people in really practical ways, all based on objective data.

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