Brand-new longevity movie coming soon

Lights, camera… longevity! Antiaging research asks some of the biggest questions… now Longevity Hackers plans to answer them on the big screen.

Could humans live to 130? Or even stop aging? A new film is set to dive into these questions and has lined up some of longevity’s biggest hitters to discuss potential answers.

Longevity.Technology: Many experts believe that by 2045 life expectancy could reach unprecedented levels, but education in this area is lacking, with antiaging research still viewed as a niche area by some. Longevity Hackers is on a mission to change that.

Featuring top experts, scientists, researchers and start-up CEOs from around the globe, this new film will document the latest research and science breakthroughs in the field of radical healthy life extension, as well as presenting a balanced view, hearing from critics in the longevity and life extension world.

Backed by LongevityTech.Fund, Longevity Hackers is co-produced by Ruben Figueres, a successful entrepreneur and experienced president with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry, and directed by Michal Siewierski, an Emmy-nominated TV producer, Netflix-featured documentary filmmaker and presidential campaign TV producer with over 15 years of experience in the fields of TV production, film as well as marketing and advertising.

“Michal brings the magic, I bring the ingredients,” sums up co-producer Ruben Figueres. Intrigued, we grabbed our popcorn and sat down with Figueres and Siewierski for a night at the movies.

“Science is progressing and people are seeing that slowing down aging is becoming possible and maybe even stopping it one day,” says Siewierski. “The need for this type of content is increasing as people wake up to the possibilities. Longevity is a fascinating topic and one that gives people hope – which is something we all need these days, all around the world.”

Longevity Hackers
Michal Siewierski, Director of Longevity Hackers

As well as backing from LongevityTech.Fund, philanthropist and former Wall Street executive Shushana Castle donated the seed funds for the film.

“We are still looking for additional funding to reach our goal of $1.8 million dollars to achieve the highest production value possible and have enough funds for a massive marketing and PR campaign on a global scale once the film is released to really help us push the message about the longevity revolution out to the world,” explained Siewierski.

“We are looking for individuals and organizations that align with the topic of the film and with our ethics and that would like to invest in this groundbreaking film and also benefit from the promising financial opportunity.”

If you’re interested in the participation of your company or product in the movie please let us know and we’ll pass along your details:

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Siewierski and Figueres have an impressive list of contributors to Longevity Hackers, including Sergey Young, Bill Andrews, Sandra Kaufmann, Nir Barzilai, Nick Sinclair, Maria Blasco and Jose Cordeiro.

Sergey Young
Longevity enthusiast, Sergey Young

“Will humans live longer than the current record and stay physically and mentally fit?” asks Sergey Young. “World-leading industry experts share their view on the current state of affairs in the longevity industry and its nearest future with the audience of the ‘Longevity Hackers’ documentary. Watch this insightful movie to get a deep understanding of what awaits us very soon.”

“The world doesn’t know how close we are to curing aging,” says Bill Andrews. “The perception that such a thing is only Sci-Fi is making it difficult for top scientists to be recognized as legitimate. And, this makes it far more difficult for them to get the necessary funding that they need to complete their research. The film Longevity Hackers should help bring awareness to the world that the prospect of curing aging soon is real!”

The expected release date of Longevity Hackers is May 2022, through Gravitas Ventures, one of the largest film distributors in the US.

Check out the second part of this interview, in which we dig into the inspiration for the film and more about its content.

Images courtesy of Longevity Hackers and Sergey Young