Bridging the gap between Longevity science and clinicians

Deep Longevity continues to build its life-extension ecosystem with a new structured course on Longevity medicine.

Deep Longevity, the Insilico spin-out which was acquired by Regent Pacific, has announced it is launching a First Introduction to Longevity Medicine for Physicians course on LabXchange Platform. The course seeks to provide a comprehensive Longevity medicine curriculum for clinicians, covering topics of bioregontology, geroscience and AI-based medicine.

Longevity.Technology: Aging is the greatest risk factor for most acute and chronic diseases, and although we are on the cusp of being able to intervene in the aging process to effectively decrease overall mortality and morbidity rates for an aging population, Longevity research is far ahead of medicine progress-wise. Deep Longevity’s new course aims to bridge this gap, bringing clinicians up to speed with recent advances in aging and Longevity interventions and bringing anti-aging out of the lab and into the clinic.

Deep Longevity has considerable experience in explainable AI systems and aging clocks that track aging rates on multiple levels. The new course which aims to fill the educational gap in translation longevity medicine will leverage this, covering a broad foundation of translational aging research terminology, theories and hallmarks of aging, basic aging pathways and mechanisms behind geroprotective interventions.

“As we are partnering with the advanced clinical institutions we see the gap between translational research and clinical practice and would like to provide the MDs with the resources they need to get into the rapidly growing field of longevity medicine, learn about the latest advances in artificial intelligence and in the pharmaceutical industry,” said Alex Zhavoronkov, PhD, the founder of the Longevity Medicine course and Chief Longevity Officer at Deep Longevity.

COVIDomic is an open access tool to stratify risk and severity from multimodal data sets ,including multi-omics data.
Alex Zhavoronkov, PhD, the founder of the Longevity Medicine course

Longevity Medicine for Physicians contains three hours of core lectures, as well as lecture slides and notes, quizzes, guest lectures and references to additional reading materials and online resources. It is intended to be the first course in a series that will aim to provide advanced physicians with the latest approaches in Longevity technology.
“While much-scattered information is available from more or less evidence-based sources, there was a lack of a structured, guided and well organised course that provides physicians with the necessary background information on this rapidly evolving discipline of healthy longevity. This is why we developed this very first course in Longevity Medicine – to close this gap and provide understandable and practicable, credible resources for clinicians,” said Evelyne Bischof, MD, co-founder of the course.

Evelyne Bischof, MD, co-founder of the course

Speaking to Longevity.Technology, Dr Bischof was enthusiastic about the new course.
“Longevity medicine will become the medicine of the future,” she told us. “And physicians are missing the train because we have so much other stuff to learn every single day. But if we don’t jump on the train right now to educate ourselves about it, then it will be too late. Having a course that is validated, credible, certified and approved by medical societies and bodies will hopefully help to change that.”

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Images courtesy of BoxerX / Shutterstock, Dr Bischof and Deep Longevity