Bryan Johnson calls for 2,500 to join global longevity nutrition experiment

Blueprint study participants to pay $333 per month for 90-day nutrition program designed to improve longevity and metabolic health.

Tech entrepreneur turned longevity biohacker Bryan Johnson has unveiled the next step in his Project Blueprint initiative – a “self-experimentation study” for 2,500 likeminded individuals to follow for three months. Having spent millions on self-experimentation to improve his own metabolic health, Johnson is now aiming to bring his learnings to a wider audience via his Blueprint protocol.

The Blueprint Self-Experimentation Study calls for individuals from around the world to apply for a spot in a 90-day program, which starts at a cost of $333 per month. This essentially gets you a set of nutrition products, including a “Longevity Mix” drink, eight supplements, something called “nutty pudding” and, of course, extra virgin olive oil. Johnson claims the products contain 67 health “interventions” – identified based on the results of randomized controlled trials and “strong epidemiological evidence.”

The study is designed to expand Johnson’s individual experiment up to a group effort and aims to quantify changes in biomarkers when a large group consistently follows the Blueprint protocol. Participants are encouraged to invest in measuring their biomarkers, which will be uploaded into a decentralized clinical trial system to enable group-level data analysis.

Enhanced measuring options are expected to cost another $800 or $1,600, depending on the range of biomarkers to be tested. Participants will also be invited to help identify cost effective testing providers, which Johnson says is a first step in Blueprint becoming a “bulk buying club for all things health and wellness.”

In an email, Johnson said that successful project applicants will be notified next week, with baseline measurements to be submitted by the end of January, ahead of starting to use the Blueprint products in February.

The study is not limited to the initial 2,500 participants, as Johnson says he plans to open it to others as production capacity increases. For international participants, Blueprint says it currently ships to 26 countries, with ongoing efforts to comply with data and privacy laws in each region.

To apply to participate in the study, check out the official application page.