Call for consensus in defining biological aging

We speak with a key contributor to the Longevity2020 online conference about biological aging.

UK start-up AgeCurve is focused on the measurement of aging and claims to be the first start-up to use direct-to-consumer personal proteomics to provide deep age profiles to end users. AgeCurve’s founder and director Attila Csordas is a Longevity biologist and philosopher with expansive ideas on biological aging.

His company is also developing a targeted proteomics COVID-19 home saliva test which can accurately detect presence of COVID-19 proteins in saliva by measuring peptide ions distinct to the COVID-19 proteins.

Longevity.Technology: Attila’s also a curator on Monday 27th April to the Longevity2020 session on ‘Defining biological aging’ alongside speakers such as Aubrey de Grey, Nir Barzilai and Lynne Cox.

In the session we’ll be addressing the need for candidate definitions from different, biological, clinical, logical and computational angles to adopt a consensus definition for biological aging.

How are traditional biomarkers like body composition, muscle strength and cognition complimented by the techniques of methylation, inflammation and epigenetic?

With so many opinions and options: how can scientists prove their technologies and investors invest with confidence? We’ll be using this session to assist in directing many of the other sessions taking place on Longevity2020.
This event is free and you can pre-register here.
Image credit: AgeCurve