Calling all longevity companies: London Tech Week awaits

Seize this unique opportunity to meet tech leaders in London and promote your longevity business.

London Tech Week 2024 is set to be a hotspot for innovation and entrepreneurship, and this year a highlight will be the first-ever Longevity Village. Taking place this June at Olympia London on 10th–12th June, the Longevity Village will be a focal point for companies, investors and thought leaders in the longevity sector.

Be part of the Longevity Village – get in touch today!

London Tech Week, renowned as the global tech ecosystem where visionaries converge to accelerate tech innovation, has recognized the growing importance of longevity in the tech landscape. As such, longevity will now be a core event, elevating this exciting and accelerating industry to the forefront of both discussions and opportunities.

For consumer-focused longevity companies, the Longevity Village presents an unparalleled opportunity to engage with thousands of delegates from around the world. Meanwhile, for science and tech longevity companies, it offers the chance to connect with investors and corporate partners, fostering collaboration and growth.

In order to encourage aspiring longevity companies to join this mainstream event, and provide them with exposure and networking opportunities that can catalyze their growth, Longevity.Technology in partnership with Founders Forum is delighted to offer accessible participation at a subsidized cost of just £3000 (approximately $3760 USD). 

The Longevity Village will span three days, coinciding with the Founders Longevity Forum, where select investors and CEOs will gather for a key investment event. This convergence of industry leaders and decision-makers underscores the significance of longevity in shaping the future of technology and healthcare.

This year, London Tech Week has relocated to the larger venue of London Olympia, underscoring its increasing popularity and position on global tech events calendar. This expansion reflects the momentum behind longevity as a critical sector driving innovation and investment.

Attendees of the Longevity Village will have the chance to learn from global experts and thought leaders in the field, gaining insights into the latest advancements and trends shaping the longevity economy. Moreover, they will have the opportunity to meet the innovators driving these advancements, fostering connections and collaborations that can drive the industry forward.

Phil Newman, founder and CEO Longevity.Technology said: “This is an amazing opportunity for companies in the longevity ecosystem to come to a top mainstream event and meet business leaders and innovators from across the tech spectrum. I expect that deals will be done and relationships forged that will advance the longevity field and build further commercial traction for all involved.

“The Longevity Village has immense potential as a platform for collaboration, innovation and growth within the longevity sector. Companies should ensure they don’t miss out on this chance to propel their companies forward and make a lasting impact in the industry.”

London is just the beginning for the Founders Longevity Forum, with plans to expand to other key centers of longevity and healthspan investment such as Abu Dhabi and San Francisco. This global program aims to facilitate longevity investment on a broader scale, catalyzing innovation and progress in healthcare and technology worldwide.

For those interested in participating in the Longevity Village and being part of this transformative event, getting in touch with Founders Forum Head of Partnerships, Emma Sudnik, is the first step. Simply drop her an email with details of your company and why you want to exhibit (and please include a deck if possible).

Do not miss out on this opportunity to be at the forefront of the longevity revolution. Join us at London Tech Week and help shape the future of healthcare and technology.

Be part of the Longevity Village – get in touch today!

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