Celebrity-backed Function wants to help you live 100 healthy years

Hollywood and sports stars pour $53m into health platform that provides 100+ lab tests for just $499 per year.

Consumer health platform Function has successfully closed a star-studded Series A funding round to support the expansion of its mission to empower individuals to live 100 healthy years. Led by venture capital giant Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), the funding round brings the total raised by the company to $53 million, and includes backing from Hollywood actors Matt Damon, Kevin Hart and Zac Efron, along with US sports stars Joel Embiid, Blake Griffin, Jimmy Rollins and Colin Kaepernick, among others.

Aiming to offer consumers a much deeper assessment than a typical physical exam, Function provides access to more than 100 lab tests for an annual fee of just $499. The tests include everything from heart health, hormones, and thyroid function, to nutrients, cancer signals, immunity, aging factors, and autoimmunity. The company estimates its approach to be around five times more comprehensive than the average primary care provider’s lab tests.

Based in Austin, Texas, Function claims it is already the fastest-growing health service in the United States. Since its beta launch in April 2023, the platform has gained nearly 50,000 paying members and has a waitlist of more than 200,000.

“Function is reinventing healthcare with speed and scale,” said Dr Vijay Pande, founding partner of a16z Bio + Health. “Their clear and novel approach to preventing suffering and avoidable deaths is setting a new standard for global health.”

The founders of Function, including Mark Hyman MD, Pranitha Patil, Jonathan Swerdlin, Mike Nemke, Seth Weisfeld, and Daniel Swerdlin, developed the platform to address the shortcomings of current healthcare systems, where people visit doctors only for annual check-ups or after symptoms appear.

“I wish I could see millions of patients,” said Hyman, a renowned physician who is also founder of the Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine. “We are building Function to democratize so much of what I do and give you the keys to own your health. It is the most powerful approach to health I’ve seen in my career as a doctor.”

According to Function’s founders, the traditional “reactive” approach to healthcare, coupled with issues in the food system, has led to a rise in chronic diseases, health disparities, increasing cancer rates, and frequent misdiagnoses due to an overburdened healthcare system. The company aims to disrupt these norms by eliminating barriers to extensive lab testing and providing evidence-based, actionable insights via its platform, allowing users to track health trends and transformations over time.

“We’re introducing a revolutionary approach to lifelong health, starting with the most comprehensive lab testing to help you understand what’s actually happening inside your body and what to do to stay ahead of disease and feel your best,” said Function’s CEO Jonathan Swerdlin. “We’re at a historical juncture where technology and culture are converging to redefine our relationship with our own biology.”

Function also revealed has formed a strategic partnership with fitness company Equinox, integrating its platform with Equinox’s network of trainers to help members achieve their health goals.

“Making personal health data widely accessible, affordable, and easy to understand is a game-changer for everyone to take a proactive approach to improving their health and preventing disease,” said Blake Griffin, former NBA player and Function investor.

Photograph: ckstockphoto/Envato