Ani Biome and Deep Longevity collaborate to build personalized care tools for longevity

Improving gut health, immunity and longevity by combining the power of fermentation with the power of AI.

Ani Biome, a company developing a novel Metabolites-as-Medicine™ approach, has announced its partnership with Deep Longevity, a leading provider of aging clocks. The collaboration is set to leverage Deep Longevity’s Blood Age and Mind Age clock APIs to develop gut health-management tools that will help drive longevity, avoid diseases and manage stress.

Longevity.Technology: Fermented foods have been a part of human diet for almost 10,000 years, and in the 21st century, people are eating fermented foods more than ever before, with grocery aisles demonstrating a substantial level of diversity. Stanford scientists have already demonstrated how fermented diets can boost our health on the molecular level [1], and Ani Biome’s solution exploits this phenomenon with an innovative fermentation method to release a broad spectrum of natural metabolites in the form of AgeBiotics™.

Deep Longevity’s Blood Age is an aging clock that uses AI to analyze simple blood test data and accurately measure an individual’s biological age – the platform can also recommend improving health and longevity. This new collaboration is set to see Deep Longevity’s aging clock technology complement Ani Biome’s fermented products and longevity app for consumers.

Guided by AI, Ani Biome formulates customized monthly plans of AgeBiotics, which consist of fermentation metabolites that are updated monthly to mirror each individual’s progress. Employing cutting-edge metabolomics, these fermentation metabolites are linked with desired metabolic and psychological health outcomes. They are also conducting their own clinical trials to further explore the effect of fermentation metabolites on age-related decline, and their Metabolites as Medicine concept has been accepted to the prestigious Food as Medicine program organized by EIT Food in collaboration with one of the leading Israeli universities, Technion. 

Mind Age is a psychological assessment framework; also developed by Deep Longevity, this aging clock relies on a proprietary questionnaire to calculate the psychological age of an individual. Measuring and improving Mind Age, and taking a proactive approach to handling mental health is set to improve motivation, productivity and eventually lifespan.

Elevated levels of both blood age and psychological age have been linked to accelerated aging, leading to increased risks of chronic diseases, morbidity and a shorter lifespan. Ani Biome aims to mitigate these health risks through its extensive research on AgeBiotics and micro drink supplements. The collaboration with Deep Longevity will provide Ani Biome with data-driven and evidence-backed technology that it can leverage to to further its goal of improving longevity.

Deep Longevity makes its aging clocks available through APIs, enabling researchers and healthcare providers such as Ani Biome to develop applications tailored to specific use cases – something that benefits both patients and end users.

The personalized care tools developed by Ani Biome, using Deep Longevity’s aging clocks, are set to provide users with accurate and up-to-date information about their physical and mental health. Armed with this knowledge, individuals can make informed decisions regarding their lifestyle choices, leading to improved metabolism, gut health and microbe diversity – improvements that will contribute to healthier and longer lives.