Combilytics: Taking a combined approach to senescence

Combilytics is on a mission to leverage the power of senolytics through natural compound supplements and specific dosing.

Combilytics – a portmanteau derived from combination and senolytics – is the company behind EternLFX, a supplement designed to target and eliminate senescent cells. These cells are ones that have stopped growing and dividing, but didn’t get the ‘time to die’ memo, and instead hang around, emitting toxic chemicals and encouraging other cells to turn to the dark side that is senescence. Combilytics’ senolytic supplement contains fisetin and quercetin, as well as six different ingredients intended to boost the formula’s bioavailability (green tea extract ECGC, ginger root extract, black pepper fruit extract, grapefruit extract, licorice fruit extract and bromelain).

What sets EternLFX apart on the shelf is its meticulous dosing program which is based around active and inactive cycles and depends on your age and weight.

Longevity.Technology: Steve Matheson, Combilytics CEO, was intrigued by a ‘zombie cells’ headline back in 2019. Having read studies showing that senolytics can eliminate senescent cells in humans, he set about developing a formula that would take quality ingredients, leverage their senolytic ability, and extend the healthspan of his customers. We sat down with Steve to learn more about his inspiration and direction.

Steve Matheson on…

Tackling senescent cells – the role of senolytics

Senescent cells accumulate as we age, and there is a number of things that can help – the basics – good sleep, a good diet and good exercise. Those sorts of things are beneficial and help keep your immune system strong, helping it to keep fighting senescent cells. But we age, and when we hit about 35 our immune system starts to be compromised and the number of senescent cells starts to increase. Senescent cells create much of what they need to live, and senolytics interfere with that process – and because it is only senescent cells that create these compounds, only they are affected; this means no negative effect on the rest of your cells, they simply interrupt the process of senescence, the senescent cell expires and is cleaned away.

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But there’s not one senolytic that works on every senescent cell type – no universal senolytic. Aging is not recognised as a disease, so drugs are created for specific diseases, including diseases of aging. So, there has been exciting data for UNITY’s senolytic that mitigates macular degeneration, but I don’t have that, so I can’t get that senolytic. That’s why I went with a natural compound route – anyone can get it, they don’t need a prescription – away they go!

Why EternLFX – and why dosing is key

We use two polyphenols, both tested in humans and commonly known – quercetin and fisetin. Quercetin is found in apples and onions, and fisetin is what makes strawberries red. In reading the studies, I was astounded by the dose – 20mg/kilo. I weigh 85 kilos, so that’s 1700 milligrams of fisetin or quercetin a day! The studies also showed that the dosing didn’t happen all the time because some senolytic cells are necessary and they develop slowly, so I wanted to build into that healthy threshold.

Fundamentally, our product works on two types of tissue – adipose tissue and epithelial tissue; those are the two tissues that saw a response from both fisetin and quercetin. We use both because they act in slightly different ways and gives a combined attack from two directions.

What’s next for Combilytics

We’ve been approached by different regenerative medicine platforms and we’ll likely be working with them in the future; these organisations extract stem cells, isolate them and reinject them, but the problem is there can be a fairly high level of senescence therein. We’re exploring using EternLFX on their clients before stem cell extraction to reduce their senescent load.

Various longevity-oriented clinics are interested in carrying our product, but senolytics are still very new. That said, just in the last three years we’ve seen an explosion of interest and I think that is driven by the potential benefits that science sees.

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