Conference on Healthy Longevity set to put Slovenia on the longevity map

Hybrid conference online and in Ljubljana set to examine longevity from biological, medical and humanistic points of view.

Next Tuesday, (10 October), Ljubljana will play host to a Conference on Healthy Longevity. Kicking off at 2:15pm UTC +2 CEST and running until 8:30pm in the evening, the conference is co-organized by the Society for Vital Life Extension of Slovenia and the Czech organization

The conference will be a hybrid event happening live and online. The live event will take place live in the large lecture hall of the Jožef Stefan Institute, at Jamova cesta 39, in Ljubljana, and participation is free in both cases.

Longevity.Technology: The conference is set to be a broad church event, consisting of mixed fields that touch longevity. Lectures will be given by leading international, Slovenian and Czech experts in the field of healthy life extension and will cover biological and medical topics as well as social sciences and humanities. Speakers include scientists such as Aubrey de Grey, Stephen Minger, Primož Rožman and Laura Vuga, entrepreneurs Enej Kuščer and Petr Sramek, philosopher Patrich Linden and sociologist Lucie Vidoviceva.

The introductory speech will be made by Martin Lipovšek and Viktor Holy. Lipovšek is a Slovenian philosopher who specializes in ethical and other philosophical questions concerning healthy life extension. We spoke to him to find out more about the Conference on Healthy Longevity.

Martin Lipovšek
Martin Lipovšek is making the introductory speech at the Conference for Healthy Longevity

Lipovšek told us the upcoming conference is important to the region for several reasons.

“The Conference on Healthy Longevity is the first, big conference in Slovenia that is live and online,” he explains. “The location – the Jožef Stefan Institute – is ideal, being a prestigious location in the main scientific institute in the country, and the conference will foster connections between longevity organizations from Czech Republic and Slovenia. Slovene scientists, entrepreneurs, government officials and journalists will be there – it’s really putting Slovenia on the longevity map.”

The conference is also of key importance to the wider longevity community on an international level, Lipovšek explains, citing the Czech-Slovene partnership that brought EU money to life extension promotion.

“The Czech organization Longevity Forum authored a project for the European Union program Erasmus+ and included the Society for Vital Life Extension of Slovenia as a partner,” says Lipovšek. As a result, Longevity Forum won the tender and received EU funding for the promotion of longevity. The result was a series of conferences in the Czech Republic and various longevity podcasts. Now we are bringing a conference to Slovenia that will explore how to live longer and better and delve into the science and practice of healthy longevity.”

In person tickets (free, with a limited number of places) are available HERE and online tickets (free, unlimited) are available HERE.

Photograph: frimufilms/Envato / Martin Lipovšek