Consumer longevity company Tally launches new daily supplement

Amplify, from David Sinclair’s Tally Health, aims to revitalize energy levels, enhance metabolism and boost muscle function.

Tally Health, a consumer-facing longevity company aiming to change the way we age, has today announced the launch of Amplify – a new supplement designed to promote metabolic health, boost energy and improve mitochondrial function.

Amplify is the second supplement to be introduced by Tally Health since its commercial launch in February 2023.

Longevity.Technology: The company, which was co-founded by longevity heavyweight David Sinclair, is banking on synergy with its latest release; the new supplement combines three ingredients that work in concert to target established hallmarks of aging and optimize performance at the cellular level. In addition, Amplify complements Tally Health’s existing daily foundational longevity supplement, Vitality.

The molecules in Amplify are designed to work together to slow aging by improving cellular energy production, activating the metabolic sensor AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK) and inducing autophagy. The supplement’s active elements collectively mimic the benefits of clearing out the pro-aging amino acid methionine, boosting energy production and exercise performance, and improving metabolism. Amplify optimizes cellular performance through these processes by ridding the body of damaged or dysfunctional material and promoting heightened function.

At Tally Health, we believe aging is a universal experience that requires a modern, proactive approach,” said Tally Health CEO Melanie Goldey.

“Our new supplement Amplify helps our members enhance their energy and performance at the cellular level, backed by new and ground-breaking scientific research. Tally Health synthesizes the latest in cutting edge longevity science so that we can bring novel, potent,
safe, and effective ingredients to our members to help our community live their longest, fullest lives.”

Amplify’s ingredients include:

  • Glycine, 1000mg: The primary ingredient of Amplify, glycine has been extensively studied for its ability to prolong life and enhance health. Glycine helps tackle aging by clearing out old molecular junk and harmful molecules from our cells [1].
  • Berberine, 600mg: Berberine works to balance blood sugar levels and support healthy metabolic function by activating AMPK, a pro-longevity energy sensor in our cells. This compound plays a crucial role in reprogramming metabolism as it mitigates high glucose levels [2].
  • Urolithin A, 250mg: Urolithin A enhances mitochondrial efficiency and energy production by selectively recycling dysfunctional mitochondria, a process known as mitophagy. Urolithin A has also been shown to elevate levels of NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) [3] and augment muscle function and physical performance [4].

Longevity.Technology reached out to Tally Health to understand more about Amplify’s specific formulation. Dr Adiv Johnson, Director of Research and Innovation at Tally Health told us scientific evidence was a key factor.

“Glycine, berberine, and urolithin A were each included because of their ability to influence lifespan and/or healthspan in animal models, mechanistic evidence indicating they can uniquely target established hallmarks of aging, and double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled data from human clinical trials,” he said.

“Published evidence suggests that glycine promotes autophagy, berberine activates the metabolic sensor and pro-longevity enzyme AMPK, and urolithin A enhances mitochondrial function via a process called mitophagy. In combination, they are expected to target a melange of hallmarks that underlie biological aging.”

Tally Health unveiled: Dr David Sinclair’s consumer longevity company launches
Tally Health CEO Melanie Goldey (R) with Dr David Sinclair (L), cofounder

Melanie Goldey, the CEO of Tally Health explained that Amplify complements Tally’s existing daily foundational supplement, Vitality by boosting mitochondrial health, improving glucose metabolism, and mimicking caloric restriction – all while amplifying Vitality’s effects.

“Tally’s subscription structure offers Amplify as a monthly add-on in addition to a user’s monthly Vitality supply. Amplify is a powerful daily cellular performance booster that is suited to a wide variety of people. It boasts many universal benefits, including improved metabolism, a boost to energy and exercise performance, and autophagy activation, the cellular recycling process. Its focus, however, is a bit more specialized to longevity-promoting support related to energy, exercise, and metabolic processes.”

The company added that before release, Amplify was subject to strict criteria set internally to ensure the final product is backed by science and designed to target biological aging and in line with the company’s practice that each supplement molecule be supported by peer-reviewed, published data in small mammals that demonstrate its ability to extend lifespan and/or enhance an aspect of healthspan, the period of a healthy, disease-free life, and that mechanistic evidence exists that indicates each molecule can mitigate established hallmarks of aging.

Tally Health also ensures evidence exists from multiple double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled human clinical trials that suggest a specific dose is safe and well-tolerated.


Photos: Tally Health