Corinthia London launches partnership with London Regenerative Institute

Add some rejuvenation to your R&R with a short stay that could lead to to a longer life.

Corinthia London, a luxury London hotel, is adding longevity to its list of benefits. The hotel kicked off a collaboration with the London Regenerative Institute (LRI) this February, reflecting Corinthia’s ongoing commitment to not only the hospitality industry but also to fostering wellness, health, and beauty alliances.

The London Regenerative Institute, founded by plastic surgeons Mr Tunc Tiryaki and Dr Steve Cohen, aims to unite the world’s foremost regenerative medicine practitioners and therapies. With their extensive experience in regenerative research, Dr Cohen and Mr Tiryaki have spearheaded groundbreaking advancements in facial regeneration, including the application of stem cells in facelift procedures.

Longevity.Technology: The partnership between Corinthia London and the London Regenerative Institute exemplifies the growing convergence of the hospitality and longevity industries – in fact, R&R might easily stand for regeneration and rejuvenation. The hospitality sector, traditionally focused on providing exceptional guest experiences, is now recognizing the increasing demand for wellness and longevity services. By collaborating with longevity clinics like the LRI, hotels such as Corinthia London can offer their guests access to cutting-edge diagnostics and treatments that promote health, well-being, and longevity.

This collaboration is not an isolated instance. It reflects a broader trend within the hospitality industry, where hotels and resorts are actively incorporating wellness and longevity services into their offerings. From the proposed Longevity Scientific Resorts in the Maldives to Fountain Life’s partnership with Tavistock on its Lake Nona center in Florida, collaborations are beginning to pop up globally as the industry realizes just what a draw top-notch longevity facilities can be, providing a great hospitality experience that encompasses both physical rejuvenation and relaxing accommodation. As the longevity industry continues to advance and gain traction, we can expect to see more collaborations of this nature, fostering innovation, research and education in the healthspan space.

Undergoing treatment at LRI

The medical services provided by LRI encompass three core areas: Regenerative Surgery (conducted at the Cadogan Clinic in Chelsea), Regenerative Therapeutics and Regenerative Medicine & Longevity. The focus lies on the latest, most progressive and effective regenerative treatments and remedies, and diagnostic measures include Skin Consult AI for skin analysis, biochemical testing, epigenetic testing, 3D Body Scan and a Lifestyle Questionnaire.

The range of treatments offered at LRI is comprehensive and – taking note of market demand – personalized. It includes oxygen therapies for body rejuvenation, personalized IV treatments, personalized supplements and personalized facial regeneration. Also on the longevity menu are aesthetic therapies (such as skin boosters, Botox, and fillers), and beauty and body therapies that include hydrafacial, radiofrequency, PRP, micro-needling and soft mesology.

Founder Tunc Tiryaki shared his thoughts on the collaboration, stating: “The London Regenerative Institute was founded with the vision of bringing together the world’s very best regenerative medicine practitioners and therapies to one of the world’s most luxurious hotels: Corinthia London.

“The launch of the LRI is a world-first concept and a significant milestone for patients seeking access to cutting-edge diagnostics and treatments for longevity. We believe that ageing is a curable disease, and epigenetic testing and personalized treatments hold the key to living longer, healthier lives.”

London Regenerative Institute Co-founder Dr Steve Cohen (left) and Founder Mr Tunc Tiryaki (right)

Echoing the sentiment, Co-founder Steve Cohen emphasized the importance of disease prevention and personalized treatments in reversing ageing.

“Identifying disease before it manifests and employing preventative treatments and therapies is the gold standard solution to reversing ageing. London Regenerative is committed to offering the most advanced regenerative treatments personalised to the unique needs of each patient to optimise their health and longevity. We are proud to be partnering with Corinthia London, where patients will benefit from uncompromising service and luxury.”

Longevity clinics are really gaining traction, and this speaks to an enormous interest in personalised longevity medicine, therapy and treatment, especially in the advanced aesthetics area.

London Regenerative Institute Founder Mr Tiryaki told us there is a huge rise in advanced aesthetics which uses biotechnology to develop new products and procedures that can improve the appearance of skin and hair, and promote wound healing and cellular regeneration.

An LRI consultation

“As with any disease, treating the cause of ageing rather than the symptoms delivers the most effective results,” he explained.

“Epigenetic testing is the first line of action so we can see how the body is functioning on a cellular level and understand the expression of the ageing genes and then tailor treatments to slow the ageing process. Treatments can include IV drips, upskilling your cells through hypoxic training, increasing lymph and blood microcirculation through hyperbaric oxygen and also most importantly, reversing the skin ageing using your body’s own stem cells and exosomes harvested from young/cord blood.

“Exosomes could hold the key to unlocking healthy longevity with the potential to diagnose disease, develop vaccinations, develop cancer treatments, gene modification, tissue regeneration, pregnancy, stroke prevention and drug vector therapy – it is an immensely exciting time for science and aesthetics.”

Dr Steve Cohen, Co-founder at the London Regenerative Institute told us that aesthetics of the future will be directed not only at reversing the outward signs of aging, but at actually making our cells more youthful.

“Synthetic compounds that camouflage ageing will be replaced by bio intelligent agents that prevent, delay and reverse cellular ageing, extending healthy living and longevity as well as making us look and feel younger,” he said.

The LRI board also comprises other leading innovators in the field, including Mr Bryan Mayou, Founder of The Cadogan Clinic. Mr Mayou expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, saying: “As a world-leading center of excellence for cosmetic surgery, the Cadogan Clinic is delighted to be partnering with the London Regenerative Institute for regenerative surgery.”

Consultations for LRI treatments can be arranged through their website, and appointments will be held in Corinthia London’s dedicated Lab Room. With prices for treatments starting from £400, the collaboration hopes to ensure accessibility to a wide range of individuals seeking rejuvenation and longevity.