Crypto airdrop to support SENS Research Foundation

New crypto currency Pulse set to boost antiaging research.

Cryptocurrency HEX founder Richard Heart is creating a new currency, Pulse. Prior to the launch of this new cryptocurrency, Richard is doing an Airdrop – giving away some Pulse – and he’s doing it to support the SENS Research Foundation (SRF).

Longevity.Technology: SENS Research Foundation works to develop, promote and ensure widespread access to therapies that cure and prevent the diseases and disabilities of aging by comprehensively repairing the damage that builds up in our bodies over time – so far, so denotable. The worlds of crypto and longevity have been moving inexorably together; we have seen crypto finance experts developing an interest in antiaging and a longevity-focused crypto platform launch a token auction.

Now Richard Heart, the man behind HEX, a high-interest blockchain certificate of deposit (CD), which lets users stake their tokens in return for interest, wants to do his part.

Heart is asking that people “sacrifice”, or make a donation, to SRF during the sacrifice phase. Those that make a donation to SRF will be entered into the Airdrop and a given chance to earn Pulse when it launches, free of charge. SRF stress that interested parties should NOT make any donation until they are notified by SRF that the sacrifice phase has begun; however, if you are interested, please do notify SRF of your intention to donate.

Aubrey de Grey, Chief Science Officer and Co-founder, SRF

Donations can be in currency: crypto, credit, stock or fiat. SRF will liquidate it for its USD value and communicate that donation value to Heart, along with the Ethereum wallet address provided. All the details for the airdrop can be found here.

With rumours of over $7m committed by email so far, Longevity.Technology reached out to Richard Heart for his take on what the donations could mean for antiaging research.
“Cancer and heart disease kill 80% of us,” Heart told us. “Curing either only gets us 3 extra years of life, because the next thing kills us. We can do better than curing either by focusing on repairing the damage early! Every year billions of dollars goes into research that at the very best maxes out at 3 years of value. While research that could get us more than 3 years of healthy life goes unfunded!

“We have a chance for outsized returns because while other research has billions put into it, rejuvenation research doesn’t yet – your dollars can have more impact. Those interested in the fork should visit”

Find out more about the Pulse Chain Airdrop for the SENS Research Foundation.

Image courtesy of Richard Heart and Erin Ashford