Crypto giant pours $200m into Blackrock Neurotech

Tether becomes brain-computer-interface company’s largest shareholder with major strategic neurotech investment.

Crypto company Tether has announced a significant move into neurotechnology with its strategic investment of $200 million into Blackrock Neurotech – a developer of brain-computer-interface (BCI) technology. The investment, conducted through Tether’s new venture division, Tether Evo, positions the company as the majority stakeholder in Blackrock.

Founded in 2008 by Dr Florian Solzbacher and Marcus Gerhardt at the University of Utah, Blackrock is developing technology designed to assist people affected by paralysis, neurological disorders and lost functions, enabling them to perform tasks through the power of their thoughts alone. The company, which operates in the same field as Elon Musk’s Neuralink, has demonstrated that its technology enables thought-to-text communication at impressive speeds.

Backed by the likes of Peter Thiel and Christian Angermayer, Blackrock collaborates with hundreds of global institutions to push boundaries in the field of human-machine interface, with its precision electrode technology driving innovations in neuroscience and neuroprosthetics.

“My life’s dream has been to help and restore function in people who lost it and to advance technologies that revolutionize healthcare and the world around us,” said Solzbacher. “This ambitious, long-term endeavor requires dedicated and visionary partners. With its commitment to seeking out and nurturing technology that will help many people and push mankind forward, we couldn’t dream of a better partner than Tether to bring our shared vision to life.”

Tether, the largest company in the digital asset industry, says its investment will primarily fuel the commercialization of Blackrock’s medical solutions, already implanted in more than 40 people. Additionally, the funding will support further research and development efforts, with a focus on human enhancement and the integration of artificial intelligence.

Tether Evo represents the latest expansion in Tether’s portfolio, joining venture divisions such as Tether Power, Tether Edu and Tether Data. Tether Evo targets investments at the intersection of innovation and human potential, aiming to drive advancements that merge technology with human capabilities.

“Blackrock Neurotech is just the beginning of our journey through Tether Evo to venture into projects that redefine the boundaries of what’s possible at the intersection of technological innovation and human potential,” said Paolo Ardoino, CEO of Tether. “Tether has long believed in nurturing emerging technologies that have transformative capabilities, and the Brain-Computer-Interfaces of Blackrock Neurotech have the potential to open new realms of communication, rehabilitation, and cognitive enhancement.”