‘Data is king when it comes to charting longevity pathways’

Nuraxi founder Stefano Benedikter on the importance of data analysis, personalization and impacting longevity on a global scale.

Although still in stealth, longevity AI company Nuraxi attracted attention at last year’s  Future Investment Initiative (FII) conference in Saudi Arabia when it demoed its longevity-focused SuperAger data-based large language model (LLM).

The platform, which Nuraxi describes as a “revolutionary new engine that gives you control over aging”, leverages data from an ongoing study of SuperAgers (people over 80 whose physical and cognitive functions decline at a much slower rate) and is a LLM designed to help companies, clinics and countries offer longevity services at scale.

Longevity.Technology: Nuraxi’s vision is compelling – a hyper-focus on individual longevity achieved through personalized clinical solutions and lifestyle interventions, but at the same time an overarching idea that longevity goals need to be hardwired into policy and infrastructure at a governmental level. We sat down with founder Stefano Benedikter to find out more about the company’s plans and what sets it apart.

Stefano Benedikter on…

Stealth in Saudi

Nuraxi launched in Saudi at the end of last year, presenting our solution in stealth mode during FII in November. This reason that we’re in Saudi is because it’s the only country I’m aware of in the world that has it part of its mandate as the vision to increase the health span of an entire nation by six years – and that was said some years back. We’ve started onboarding our first paying customers through the clinic that we serve – we are an enterprise solution in Riyadh – and we’re hoping to go out of stealth mode by the end of this month, revealing exactly what we’re doing. Quite a few investors are looking into what we’re doing, and we’re talking to other clinics as well, so I think we are semi stealth mode.

We saw Saudi Arabia as an incredible opportunity, because of its vision, because of its readiness to implement a health care and wellness system, which kind of clashes with our Western system which is expensive, is very much targeted to elites and has a feeling of ‘let’s live forever’. We don’t want to go down that path, and I don’t think Saudi government and the Saudi people believe that is a solution for increasing the healthspan of the entire nation. And that’s why you have a cultural readiness, you have a governmental readiness, and you also have a financial readiness, of course. Saudi Arabia is a country that has the financial potential to implement solutions, both the people and the country.

And we bet on this almost 12 months ago and we’re very happy with this decision. So Saudi for us is a springboard, but of course we have global ambitions, and we will expand in the United States and in Europe.

A unique approach

Data is absolutely the king when it comes to charting longevity pathways, essentially; what makes our approach quite unique is this complete multimodality on how data gets acquired. Our approach bridges the MD/medicine world with the data science world, really going in depth with biological analysis, DNA sequencing, but also including a lot more real time 24/7, although shallower, data sets that can come from wearables.

One of our biggest focus is really on understanding lifestyle choices and how lifestyle impacts longevity. Essentially, the data tells us the lifestyle actually is the king, the first influencer – but it’s also the hardest one to analyze because it’s so customized and so different from person to person. That’s one of the reasons we’re in stealth mode – we’re really shying away from going into a corner of being portrayed as someone who has the secrets to longevity, which then turns into a formula which we can roll out. We don’t believe there is a secret to longevity, we don’t believe there is a formula for everyone. We believe the secret of longevity is within each one of us, but we need to understand it. And that brings us to what our real approach is – through clinics. We need a high touch environment to deploy our technology because our technology aims to be purely one-on-one, hyper-personalized with an MD sitting at the clinic that really charts the longevity pathways and can see what the optimization is taking place in its patients.

Waze and means

The real secret to having AI models that set you apart is the data that gets fed into the system. Where we think we are strongly positioned compared to anybody out there, is having charted SuperAger pathways; having this data, being able to chart the pathways of these people almost allows us to apply that data to everybody’s individualized pathway and then show them where they can go from a lifestyle perspective, nutrition perspective, but also medicinal perspective, to improve their healthspan, so really increasing the amount of healthy years in their life.

One simple comparison I give as to what we aim to achieve with AI and the data that we have in the model, is Waze. Waze is one of the better solutions for estimating traffic, and that’s because it has a lot of drivers which show you traffic far out in front of you, and our platform is the same – we have the longest visibility, in terms of years, in front of our customers. And by having the longest visibility, this should allow us to provide the best feedback 10, 15, 20 years ahead of time, essentially.

One of the biggest topics for us is not just impacting few people by adding a lot of years, but it’s adding a few years to a lot of people – this is really where the big impact on the global scale can happen.