Deep Longevity to partner with LifeHub & LifeClinic

Deep Longevity adds LifeHub & LifeClinic to its growing longevity network, with physicians trained to interpret Deep Longevity’s biological age reports that incorporate multiple aging clocks.

Today, Deep Longevity (wholly owned by Regent Pacific Group), a leading provider of deep biomarkers of aging and longevity, LifeHub and LifeClinic announced a longevity medicine collaboration, deploying an extensive range of AI-powered aging clocks to explore the effectiveness of longevity interventions including lifestyle choices and drug regimens.

Deep Longevity aging clocks are supported by a number of academic publications that are summarised in a recent review titled “BioHorology and biomarkers of aging: Current state-of-the-art, challenges, and opportunities”.

Longevity.Technology: Based in Hong Kong, LifeHub and LifeClinic are one of the largest functional medicine-based medical wellness and medical clinic facilities in the region. By taking a science-based approach to health optimisation and longevity, they are able to address physiological imbalances that could stem from nutritional deficiencies or other factors like hormonal imbalances or the effects of environmental pollutants.

As part of the partnership, LifeHub and LifeClinic medical professionals are being engaged in advanced research with Deep Longevity and trained in deep aging clocks to provide their clients with biological age reports to customise their clients’ wellness journeys.

“I am delighted that we will be able to use Deep Longevity’s most advanced aging clocks to assess and improve LifeHub and LifeClinic’s various youth extension products and services,” said Dr Jonathan Seah, Chairman of LifeHub and LifeClinic.

“The traditional approach to preventative medicine is focused on preventing disease by diagnosing the symptoms early or reducing the risks of disease,” said Dr Alex Zhavoronkov, Chief Longevity Officer of Deep Longevity Inc. “AI-guided longevity medicine goes much further than that by focusing on tracking the person’s rates of aging at many levels, on the identification of longevity bottlenecks, and on utilizing the latest advances in science and technology to slow down or potentially even reverse biological and psychological aging. We are very happy to have both LifeHub and LifeClinic join the rapidly growing network of our research and clinical partners focused on providing customers with extra years of productive and happy life.”

Dr Zhavoronkov told Longevity.Techology he was excited by the “Starbucks model” that LifeHub is applying to both longevity procedures and clinic design, and by the franchising possibilities. “You can walk in, get diagnosed and then work with the doctor to get the optimal IV drip, supplement regiment and diet,” he told us. “Keep coming back, getting tested and explore the ever-growing menu.”

Image courtesy of Deep Longevity