AgeRate – defying aging by using cutting edge science to effect real-life change

Redefining aging – AgeRate uses epigenetic biomarkers to measure aging rates and then target them effectively with biological age diagnostics.

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Agerate - Biological Age Diagnostics Trailblazer
AgeRate is a direct-to-consumer longevity company which aims to unlock the secret to living a longer and healthier life by redefining AgeRate. Founded in 2018, AgeRate has spent the last 3 years creating and developing a novel at-home blood test and mobile app that allows users to discover how well they are aging and what actions they can take to improve. The company has leveraged the expertise of world leading researchers to develop a custom epigenetic analysis and proprietary algorithms to reveal a user’s biological age and up to 20 additional health and longevity insights.

AgeRate is currently focused on launching its flagship biological age diagnostics product, an at-home blood test, in addition to growing its user-base with an objective of 10,000 users by 2023. The goal is to begin to quantify true improvements in aging with these users. The company is on a mission is to be a global leader in longevity research within the next 7 years. Using de-identified data from consenting users, AgeRate is striving to amass a large longevity dataset, allowing for new breakthrough discoveries into how we can slow or reverse aging.

In the future, AgeRate’s research team will be developing new algorithms to unlock deeper insights into their customers’ health and longevity using epigenetic information. In addition, the team is investing in new testing methods and expanding beyond epigenetics, this will include proteomics and mitochondrial health.

AgeRate’s at-home blood test for longevity health and insights

With its at-home blood test, AgeRate’s flagship biological age diagnostics service allows users to monitor their rate of aging and discover how they can alter their lifestyle habits to age better. The test reveals a user’s true biological age and up to 20 health and lifestyle indicators that help users not only know how well they are aging but understand areas of improvement. To achieve this, the service uses a custom and cost-effective epigenetic analysis combined with proprietary algorithms, and the results are provided through a mobile app with a built-in longevity coach that provides users with tailored lifestyle challenges to help them improve, forming a full package longevity service.

AgeRate uses their DNA methylation analysis and proprietary algorithms to reveal meaningful insights into health and longevity. The algorithm used to determine biological age using DNA methylation data is commonly referred to as an epigenetic clock. Epigenetic clocks are valuable in the sense that they allow us to quantify how well someone is aging without waiting for them to die. The performance of an epigenetic clock is validated by comparing the biological age and the chronological age, with the best epigenetic clocks having a strong correlation between biological and chronological age.

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