Deep Longevity – extending longevity and increasing human performance

Deep Longevity – on a mission to extend healthy productive longevity and increase human performance.

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Deep Longevity - Biological Age Diagnostics Trailblazer
Deep Longevity is a longevity-focused AI company that will develop and provide the customised predictors of human biological age to the network of Human Longevity Inc (HLI) concierge longevity clinicians. Specialising in the development of deep biomarkers of aging using clinical blood tests, transcriptomic, proteomic, epigenetic, microbiome, behavioural, wearable, imaging and multiple other data types, Deep Longevity will provide a broad range of deep aging clocks to some of the world’s most advanced longevity clinics and physicians and is developing a range of simple consumer applications to track the rate of aging at the individual level. Deep Longevity developed the Longevity as a Service (LaaS) solution to integrate multiple deep biomarkers of aging to create the deep aging clocks that will provide a universal multifactorial measure of human biological age.

Deep Longevity is a spin-off company of Insilico Medicine, a Hong Kong drug development company created in 2014 by Dr Alex Zhavoronkov and a group of like-minded AI enthusiasts.

Deep Longevity is a spin-off company of Insilico Medicine, a Hong Kong drug development company created in 2014 by Dr Alex Zhavoronkov and a group of like-minded AI enthusiasts.
Insilico Medicine moved on to develop a suite of products to serve the drug development process:

  • PandaOmics for transcriptomic analysis and target discovery
  • Chemistry42 for molecular design
  • InClinico for clinical trial optimisation and other tools.

A special division of Insilico Medicine was tasked with the research of aging and geroprotectors. They developed a consumer antiaging platform: Young.AI. The division’s main research focus was the aging clock technology: a set of statistical approaches that allows for the quantification of the most basic aging processes. Aging clocks serve as a yardstick to measure the efficiency of geroprotectors, making antiaging drug design possible. In 2020, the biomarker division split into its own company, Deep Longevity.

“Biology of a living organism is a dynamic process with trillions of features changing in time at the atomic, molecular, cellular, tissue, organ, system, organismal and environmental levels. And the best way to study biology is to track all these features in time at the highest resolution possible to understand the causality and the intimate interplay of these features. In 2015 we were the first to realize that one of the most impactful applications of deep neural networks is the prediction of age using massive amounts of longitudinal time series data. Since then, we have developed a very large number of aging clocks using multiple data types, many of them published, patented and tested in a broad range of applications. This experience allows us to tap into a broad range of industries such as healthcare, clinical, consumer, life insurance and even psychology. Our mission is to extend healthy productive longevity and we are developing a new field of longevity medicine, in which the objective is not only to prevent disease, but also to keep the individual as close to the age of optimal performance during the entire life span as possible.” Alex Zhavoronkov, PhD, founder of Deep Longevity.

Deep Longevity has developed several aging clocks for all antiaging needs. It is the only company that measures the pace of aging using nine data dimensions. By bringing different data types together, Deep Longevity can tell much more about individual aging processes. All its aging clocks are developed using deep-learning approaches and its models take in the whole context of a person’s aging trajectory, offer insights into how to slow it down and, most importantly, quantify the future effect of any recommendation. Deep Longevity established a research partnership with one of the most prominent longevity organisations, Human Longevity, Inc. to provide a range of aging clocks to the network of physicians and researchers.

The company is developing a comprehensive decision support system for physicians to enable the development of personalised longevity protocols using the latest advances in longevity biotech. The products it has developed for clinics include comprehensive PDF reports that allow physicians to monitor their patients’ aging intensity, API access to Deep Longevity aging clocks and a soon-to-be-released service “Longevity Coach”, which will be a patient managing software and network platform for longevity-focused professionals. Providing these longevity services to clinics and hospitals aids them in providing tools to patients that will allow them to live longer and healthier.

Deep Longevity is also targeting the insurance sector by providing longevity services that will allow insurance companies to give more value to the customer and increase retention. Furthermore, global societal aging has generally been considered detrimental to a country’s economic health since it reduces the workforce and increases burdens on healthcare systems. A key part of longevity and increased healthspan is the freedom to work; when workers are living healthier, longer lives, an aging workforce can be an opportunity to boost the economic productivity of the employees.

Deep Longevity is also establishing a Longevity Network with Young.AI at its core. Young.AI is the first longevity cloud platform to connect all the stakeholders such as physicians, clinics, hospitals, insurance companies and wellness centres together, making it easier for end users to access longevity services. Young.AI helps people to discover the ways to preserve their health over long periods of time and to experience, achieve and finance superior longevity. Its PDF reports provide detailed information on current biological age and give personalised tangible recommendations.

Originally incubated by Insilico Medicine, Deep Longevity started its independent journey in 2020 after securing a round of funding from the most credible venture capitalists specialising in biotechnology, longevity and artificial intelligence.

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