Dr Frank Lipman explains how supplementing with NMN can help boost cellular energy

From working at a cellular level to playing a part in holistic longevity strategy, Dr Frank Lipman explains the value of Elevant’s NMN-C.

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The longevity supplements shelves are beginning to look a little crowded as tablets, capsules and powders compete for attention. One of the frontrunners is nicotinamide mononucleotide – NMN – a precursor of the vital molecule NAD+. NAD+ powers hundreds of processes in your body, including repairing damage, fighting infection, combating inflammation, fuelling brain function and slowing the effects of aging.

But even humble molecules can be improved with science, and Elevant has partnered with the world-renowned Buck Institute for Research on Aging to develop pharma grade NMN. This superior form, NMN-C, is pure, highly stable and shown to have higher tolerability than other forms of NMN and is so successful, clinicians are recommending it as part of a healthy longevity strategy.

Longevity.Technology: Dr Frank Lipman is one of longevity’s trailblazers; the founder of the Eleven Eleven Wellness Center and New York Times best-selling author of seven books, he is passionate about health being a synergy of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social wellbeing and advocates for the journey towards it taking a holistic approach that embraces a variety of disciplines.

Dr Lipman recommends Elevant NMN-C to some of his patients and also takes it himself; recently, we were fortunate enough to sit down with Dr Lipman to talk about his proactive and preventative approach to longevity.

Check out our fascinating interview with Frank Lipman in which we find out more about the role NMN-C plays in healthspan and why he recommends it.

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Dr Frank Lipman on…

Practising functional medicine

Functional medicine is the perfect blend of the science and biochemistry of Western medicine with the philosophy of improving function and creating balance of Chinese medicine – it’s a wonderful operating system for what I call “good medicine”.

Recommending supplements

To know which is the right supplement can be very difficult – NAD precursors is a big market, but Elevant isn’t a supplement company, it just makes NMN! I’ve seen the research, I’ve used it myself – I believe in NMN-C from Elevant. [NB: Elevant does not produce NMN-C itself but partnered with Seneque Laboratories which produced it specifically for Elevant.]

Nutritional science plus clinical experience made me feel that NMN-C is what I wanted to use personally and with my patients.

Cellular health and healthspan

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, which is one of the most abundant and crucial coenzymes in every living cell in your body. It’s an essential helper molecule in chemical reactions in your cells, turning food into energy and powering the cellular processes that keep you alive. NAD is crucial to cellular health, and NMN is a precursor to NAD and NAD levels start to decline in your twenties and thirties, decreasing precipitously after the age of 40, so one of the key aspects of staying healthy is to increase NAD levels in the body.

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