Ending Aging Forum 2023

Event will showcase newest breakthroughs in rejuvenation biotech happening at the SRF’s Research Center in California.

The Science and Education conference is now just a few days away! This event is set to showcase the newest breakthroughs in rejuvenation biotechnologies happening at the SENS Research Foundation’s Research Center in Mountain View, California, as well as the research funded at extramural labs.

Longevity.Technology: The virtual event will allow SRF to share first-hand, the latest advances that its in-house researchers are making toward new rejuvenation biotechnologies, along with some of its young scientists-in-training and outside researchers whose research it funds.

Ending Aging Forum 2023

The Forum will be hosted virtually through Meetaverse, a state-of-the-art Virtual Reality platform, but attendees won’t need to download any special software or wear a VR headset. Instead, the clever tech will allow guests to enjoy scientific presentations and visit the student poster booths in the Conference Hall.

In addition to the formal presentations, attendees will also be able to connect with SRF scientists, team members, and other guests, through one-on-one or group conversations, watch videos and animations placed in the Expo Room, and much more.

The forum aims to be a fun and educational experience, and welcomes those who come ready to network and meet donors who support longevity science, activists and like-minded people who care about a future free of age-related disease.

Ending Aging Forum takes place 9am–1pm Pacific Time on 21 and 22 September.

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Photographs courtesy of SENS Research Foundation