Enzolytics partners with Khalpey AI Lab on longevity research initiative

Texas-based biotech Enzolytics has joined forces with Khalpey AI Lab in a partnership aimed at advancing the fields of organ regeneration and longevity. The stated objective of the alliance is to use AI to address aging and organ failure through the analysis of “intricate data related to nutrition, genetics, and the microbiome.”

The move into longevity appears to be something of a new direction for Enzolytics, a developer of therapeutics for infectious diseases. Citing the need for solutions to address the challenges associated with the rapidly aging global population, COO Dr Gaurav Chandra said Enzolytics has developed a platform “that uses multi-omic testing and AI algorithms to identify early signs of organ distress.”

“Our precision medicine suite incorporates patient profiling, proteomics, genomics, and AI to enhance lifespan and, more importantly, healthspan,” he said. “The new Enzolytics AI platform offers real-world data analytics capabilities to discover novel biomarkers and targets and to stratify patient cohorts for research purposes.”

Enzolytics says its AI platform will focus on two key areas: identifying therapeutic targets and exploring the potential of peptide bioregulators to stimulate the body’s self-repair and rejuvenation processes.

The collaboration with Khalpey AI Lab aims to leverage algorithms for clinical diagnostics, risk assessment, and frailty evaluation. Founded by heart surgeon Dr Zain Khalpey, the Arizona-based company says it conducts “patient centered, AI-supported research” to drive improvements in the treatment of a range of health conditions.

“This partnership focuses on identifying new biomarkers that can shed light on the aging process, going beyond the conventional approach of treating specific diseases,” said Khalpey.