Equity funding pro joins the First Longevity Board

Tom Britton steps up from Longevity firm’s Advisory Panel to full Board member.

Earlier this year, SyndicateRoom co-founder Tom Britton joined First Longevity’s Advisory Panel. Today, the growing Longevity media and finance business (that operates this publication) revealed that the funding pioneer has made the jump to become a member of its Board of Directors.

Longevity.Technology: With First Longevity planning to launch its international equity funding platform Crowd Longevity in 2021, Britton’s appointment adds invaluable expertise and experience to the company’s Board. We caught up with him recently to find out what excites him about the Longevity opportunity.

Speaking about what was behind his decision to step up to full Board member, Britton first expressed his enjoyment about working with the team in an advisory capacity.

“But more than just having an interest in the longevity field, I found myself willingly giving more time to the project, and becoming quite attached to the research into the US market in particular,” he says. “So when asked if I would be open to joining the executive board, it was a fairly easy yes to make.”

Regarding investing trends, Britton feels that the crowdfunding landscape is changing and the definition of “crowd” is increasingly blurred by the participation of more institutionalised investors in rounds being completed online.

“I don’t see this as “crowd” in the traditional sense,” he explains. “The opportunities being seen are later stage, raising larger rounds, and more aimed at larger investors. It’s not “crowd” in the way the industry started.”

As far as the model First Longevity should take when it launches next year, Britton has some clear views.

“This is all about having a very high filter on the opportunities and the investors, and not doing it in an “open” platform way,” he says. “At some point in time it could even become a US-focused Longevity fund which would make for an exciting project in and of itself.”

“It’s great to have Tom’s equity funding expertise on our board as we plan for launching Crowd Longevity next year,” says First Longevity CEO Phil Newman. “Bringing together innovators and investors to commercialise the companies that will form longevity economy is a huge part of our mission.”