Everything you ever needed to know about cell stress

MitoQ’s William Stow on cell stress – what it is and what we can do about it.

William Stow is the Chief Scientific Officer at MitoQ, a supplement designed to optimise energy and health by boosting your mitochondria. Will oversees MitoQ’s research and development, and over the past five years, he has been involved in both internal and external collaborative research projects carried out on MitoQ, so when we wanted to find out more about cell stress, he was obviously our go-to guy!

Longevity.Technology: A human being is made up of approximately 37 trillion cells, all of which are under continual pressure from aging, damage, toxins and pathogens. Cells perform vital tasks, so ensuring they are as stress-free as possible is essential. But what exactly is cell stress? How does cell stress tie in with longevity and mitochondrial health, and how can it be avoided or ameliorated?

Check out our compelling interview with Will Stow, in which we find out more about cell stress, the science behind it and the solutions available.

William Stow on…

Mitochondrial health and free radicals:

“Mitochondria are a primary source of free radicals. If you are in a state of oxidative stress, and that free radical balance is not kept in check, then mitochondrial function gets altered and the mitochondria don’t produce the energy that they should and the free radicals can damage other cellular components.”

Risk to DNA:

“DNA damage can have severe consequences and damage can also be passed down to daughter cells, with the lineage of cells becomes more and more damaged over time and eventually become unviable. Cells start to die off, which can lead to systemic effects, a number of health issues, an inability to recover from illness or exercise and also contributes to the aging process.”

Cell stress is the crucial pillar of cellular health:

“If you can keep cell stress under control, then cellular aging, cellular repair, cellular growth and cellular energy are all going to benefit. We really want to spread the word – when we become adults, and stop growing, it doesn’t have to be downhill from there!”
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