Exclusive interview with Alex Zhavoronkov

Insilico CEO on spreading the longevity message – the time is now.

Dr Alex Zhavoronkov is the CEO and co-founder of Insilico Medicine, a pioneering AI company powering innovation in the biopharmaceutical sector.

As the eighth annual ARDD (Aging Research & Drug Discovery Meeting) draws nearer, Dr Zhavoronkov discusses how the conference came about, and why it is now a must-see for global thought-leaders and packed with the latest insights into aging.

The conference will include segments on longevity medicine – both preventative and restorative – as well as how to bridge the gap been laboratory research and translational medicine.

From the Vikings of longevity to to achieving a state of optimal performance, Zhavoronkov is committed to making the conference a hub for longevity, from schoolchildren through to PhDs and from would-be entrepreneurs to seasoned biotech executives.

Check out my fascinating interview with Alex:

Alex Zhavoronkov on…

ARDD is a must-see
This conference attracts the superstars that everyone wants to watch, everyone wants to listen to – it’s the Super Bowl of very credible, very translatable longevity research. All the superstars will be there, and we have new speakers coming as well – even all the way from Australia!

Longevity outreach:
For the first time this year, we will have high-school students engaged as well, we’ll be providing career advice, explaining how to formulate your career in order to impact the longevity field the most.

Basle and big pharma:
Basle is one of those cities that are driving pharmaceutical innovation – maybe 20% of pharmaceutical innovation comes out of that city, and that’s where Roche and Novartis are headquartered. The conference was originally based there to connect with big pharma and make aging research very credible and connect big pharma with the top thought leaders in longevity research.