Exclusive video interview: David Wood demystifies the transhumanist agenda

As Longevity moves quickly into the mainstream there are terms and legacies that some use to challenge the sector’s validity: we explore what it means to be a transhumanist.

David Wood is on the Board of Directors of the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies and as Chair of London Futurists, David has organised regular meetings in London since 2008 covering: futurist; transhumanist; techno-progressive; and singularitarian matters.

Longevity.Technology: Back in April, when we ran our digital conference Longevity 2020, David Wood was a key participant in the ask-me-anything sessions: his questions were on-point and his comments articulate:

In this exclusive video interview, we explore which technologies will have the greatest impact on human beings in the 21st century and NBIC interconnections:

  • Nanotech … control at the nanoscale – this domain will include quantum in the future;
  • Biotech … gene editing, epigenome, proteome and regenerative technologies;
  • Infotech … AI, biotech, and digital systems that move us closer to the Singularity;
  • Cognotech (Neurotech) … interconnections between neurons and digital tech, at this stage the least developed, but with potential to have the most profound impact.

David talks about Covid-19 and the crisis of mental health and how healthy aging is about individuals continuing to have a rich connection to society: