Exclusive video interview with Erin Sharoni of JUVICELL

We talk fasting, lifespan and longevity supplements with JUVICELL’s co-founder, Erin Sharoni.

Recently, we were excited to cover the launch of brand-new longevity supplement JUVICELL, an “all-in-one longevity supplement” marketed as the “first longevity supplement of its kind.” However, it’s a crowded marketplace, so we were keen to touch base with JUVICELL’s co-founder Erin Sharoni to find out what sets JUVICELL apart from other longevity supplements, and how her own experience as a creative professional has been brought to bear.
Longevity.Technology: Passionate about bringing longevity opportunities to a wider market, Erin has over 14,000 followers on Instagram and JUVICELL has over 16,000 followers itself. Erin is also a Master’s degree candidate in Biology at Harvard University, where her thesis work is focused on epigenetics and longevity.

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