Eye-level longevity – why breakthrough research is top investment opportunity

Our pioneers of longevity discuss where the field can be monetised and the breadth of the total addressable market.

Set to be one of the largest, if not the largest, investment opportunity in the decades to come, longevity is a rapidly accelerating field; the Longevity Investors Conference targets the global investor community, bringing together institutional investors and top class experts for networking and exploration of relevant insights into the field, as well as expert education and investment opportunities.

Longevity.Technology: It’s not long to wait, now until the Longevity Investors Conference, which takes place later this month in Gstadt, Switzerland. The speaker list is full of longevity pioneers and visionaries, and we have been lucky enough to be given the opportunity to ask them some of our burning longevity questions.

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This week our longevity’s burning questions series has considered the biggest trends, what’s set to explode, areas that warrant improvement and longevity inspirations and journeys.

Today, we turn to longevity investing – and to the conference itself! First, we kicked off by asking our hivemind what they feel are currently the most attractive investment opportunities.

Michael Greve

Longevity trailblazer Michael Greve is the man behind the Forever Healthy Foundation, and for him, it’s all about rejuvenation.

He told us: “We are investing in never done before rejuvenation approaches with tremendous potential, such as removal of arterial plaque, decalcification, transplanting mitochondria and structural tissue rejuvenation.”

Tobias Reichmuth

A company-builder since the age of 21, Dr Reichmuth has invested in more than 20 startups. He is one of Maximon‘s founding partners, and launched the Longevity Investors Conference with colleague Marc P Bernegger.

“Longevity today offers a lot of ‘shovels to do gold rush’ style investments,” he told us. “Classic biotech risk is not necessary to be taken.”

Miri Polachek

Healthcare and investment executive Polachek is CEO of Joy Ventures, a venture firm that builds, funds and encourages startups.

She told Longevity.Technology there are several exciting opportunities out there.

“RNA-based gene therapies, leveraging the momentum created by the COVID vaccines and their potential to be used for partial reprogramming,” she explains, citing Altos Labs’ approach in this area.

“The next one would be AI and machine learning platforms for drug and biomarker discovery.”

Lastly, Polachek adds senolytics. “They stand out in clinical commercialization,” she explains. “There are several ongoing and completed clinical trials using them. Nature Medicine published a review article about them last month.”

Marc P Bernegger

Serial entrepreneur Bernegger focuses on longevity, exponential technologies and digital assets. A co-founder of the company-builder Maximon, he is also one of the driving forces behind the Longevity Investors Conference.

“We see many exciting business cases at Maximon and there are very interesting fields where longevity can be monetized today,” he tells us. “These range from supplements, to individualized longevity programmes, to new and evidence-backed longevity treatments.”

Robin Lauber

Passionate about breakthrough technologies, Robin Lauber is the Chairman and CEO of Infinitas Capital, his family’s Swiss family office – and he is excited by longevity’s opportunities.

“Longevity is the biggest investment opportunity of our time and will radically change the way of pharma – we are finally trying to understand diseases and their cause which will enable us to prevent them,” he told us. “And the total addressable market for medication that prevents you from getting sick in the first place, is the world’s entire population.”

We next turned our attention to this year’s Maximon Longevity Prize; The Maximon Longevity Prize for Translational Research awards outstanding breakthrough research in the field of longevity that can be translated for clinical or non-clinical applications and has the potential to substantially increase health span or life span of humans. We wanted to find out what our hivemind thought of this year’s contenders and garner some insights as to how the final runners-up were selected.

Elisabeth Roider

Dr Roider, who is dedicated to bringing the field of longevity to the next level, recently joined Maximon as Partner and Chief Scientific and Medical Officer.

While understandably tight-lipped about names, Dr Roider did tell us that the finalists include excellent candidates from top-tier academic institutions, as well as from industry.

“It will be very hard to choose the top three, since most of the applications are very groundbreaking proposals in general,” she told us. “In any case, we wish the applicants good luck and hope that the industry is going to keep rewarding translational research in the field of longevity and, therefore, encourage it as much as possible.”

Roider adds that The Longevity Investors Conference is the perfect place to showcase what is happening in the research field of the longevity ecosystem.

“It is also an opportunity to give the investors, who might now have as much knowledge about longevity, an idea of what’s going to happen and what the future possibilities are,” she says.

Our last burning question was about the Conference generally; we asked our panelists what they were most looking forward to getting out of LIC.

Tobias Reichmuth

Dr Reichmuth feels that The Longevity Investors Conference is going to be a wholesome experience.

“We were able to secure some of the most relevant scientists as speakers who will help the conference participants to build and expand their understanding of what longevity really means,” he says. “Let’s not forget that we will also be talking about measures to actively prolong your life – what can you take or do already today in order to stay healthy and to live longer?”

He also revealed that his own brain is going to be analysed by one of the startups the Conference will host in the Startup Showcase; the Showcase gives the most promising startups the chance to present their work.

“We will also co-host a Longevity Lounge, where the attendees will have the privilege of experiencing the latest trends in longevity therapies and treatments,” Reichmuth added.

Marc P Bernegger

As the only conference in the longevity space aimed at “investors”, Bernegger feels the organisers have rightly put emphasis on the networking aspect, creating many touchpoints throughout the two full day experience; this means like-minded investors can connect and build long lasting relationships.

“We are excited to experience the two full days of high quality networking with private and institutional investors, fireside chats, the Startup Showcase, Longevity Lounge and to round up the whole conference with our Longevity Prize Award Ceremony, where we
will give an incentive to breakthrough longevity research,” he explains.

“It’s an investor conference where, whoever you talk with, you can really meet other investors on eye-level. That’s exactly what the Longevity Investors Conference stands for.”

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