Femtech startup Frieda Health secures €2.5m pre-seed funding to boost innovative menopause solutions

Longevity company builder Maximon’s investment will enable Frieda to scale and implement its digital platform and expand user base.

Frieda Health, a burgeoning Femtech startup based in Berlin, has announced a pre-seed
funding of €2.5 million from the Maximon Longevity Co-Investment Fund. This financial backing is set to enable Frieda Health to advance groundbreaking digital solutions aimed at supporting women during menopause.

Longevity.Technology: Frieda Health is dedicated to building a holistic digital health platform tailored specifically to the needs of women aged 45 and above. The platform combines medical expertise, psychological support and digital innovation, aiming to support menopause not only as a biological phase, but also as an emotional and psychological life stage, meaning it will comprehensively assist women through the menopausal transition and beyond.

Frieda Health plans to use the new funding to intensify its research and development efforts, evolve the digital platform and expand its user base. Frieda has assembled a team with expertise in health data, software development, gynecology and psychology to progress the evolution and implementation of its digital platform.

The team, composed of experts in health data, software development, gynecology, and psychology, is tirelessly engaged in evolving and implementing this platform.

“After witnessing a long-overdue focus on the female menstrual cycle in recent years, it is now time to consider the end of the cycle,” said Valentina Ullrich, CEO and Founder of Frieda Health. “The fact that Frieda has secured a significant investment and a strong partner on board is crucial and makes us immensely proud. We look forward to addressing the treatment gap in menopause and thinking beyond.

“‘Positive or Healthy Aging’ is still negatively perceived or overlooked in the broader context of preventive health. Yet, this is precisely where Frieda aims to bring change.”

Longevity.Technology reached out to Ullrich to find out more about the changes in the space that Frieda will be helping to catalyze.

“Recent research underscores the critical role menopause plays in women’s healthy lifespan. That’s why Frieda starts with holistic menopausal support, treatment, and research to open the door,” she told us. “In the next steps, we want to look closer at the complex interplay between hormonal changes and age-related diseases. Of course, menopause itself, with all its accompanying symptoms – mentally and physically – alone is a huge burden, but how it affects the female ageing process is widely underestimated. Osteoporosis is just a minor topic here. But we need much more focus on the topic to understand it better. That’s what Frieda is here for.”

Ullrich also noted that while it is true that women generally outlive men, the quality of those additional years is often compromised due to poorly managed menopausal symptoms and related health issues.

“At Frieda Health, we’re committed to changing this narrative by offering innovative solutions that address the unique health challenges women face during menopause, ultimately improving their overall well-being and quality of life during these crucial years and looking beyond,” she explained. “The terms ‘Positive or Healthy Ageing’ shouldn’t feel uncomfortable.”

Caroline Wagner, Founding Partner at Maximon and newly appointed Board Member of Frieda Health, said the longevity company builder is thrilled to partner with Frieda Health.

“Maximon is committed to supporting companies that extend people‘s healthspan – maximizing the time spent in a healthy state. Recognizing that for half of the population, menopause is often the starting point of age-related health issues, we‘re excited to back Frieda’s mission in addressing this largely overlooked issue and underserved market.”

Photograph courtesy of Frieda Health