FIELD – Transformational neurotechnology to meet and train your brain

Loopy for neurofeedback – how AI-guided neural training is a real brainwave.

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Getting a good workout is important – exercising various muscles, building strength and honing reflexes. It’s straightforward to know it’s time to hit the gym, or yoga helps you unwind and relax after a busy day at the office, but how do you go about training your brain and ensuring it is operating at optimal efficiency, helping you become the person you want to be?

Longevity.Technology: That we all want a healthy mind in a healthy body is a given – after all, we all want to be happy AND healthy, right? While the antiaging and biohacking space is crammed with apps that can test your glucose levels, track your carbs and monitor your heart rate, finding out what’s going on between your ears is a trickier affair; there are apps and devices that can help you focus, or engender a state of calm, but how can you actually see what is happening in your brain, and how can you use that knowledge to improve your life? What is needed is a dashboard into your brain – it’s time to take the FIELD.

The neurotech market is growing, but it’s not an easy win; devices for the brain are often complicated, expensive and awkward to use, or, in trying to avoid these obstacles, end up with limited function, such as only monitoring one or two prefrontal locations.

Cutting edge brain tech

FIELD wants to change that; it is introducing people to their brain using transformational neurotechnology with the aim of helping them become balanced, sharp, happy and fulfilled. Using cutting-edge materials and high-tech electronics, FIELD creates full brain mapping neurotech solutions through a high-quality quantitative 19 channel EEG that’s easy for anyone to use. Don’t be caught up in the techspeak of that last sentence, because the key takeaway is easy for anyone; FIELD has created an easy-on-and-easy-off headgear that is comfortable for hours of continuous use, doesn’t require any external high-powered computers and works with nothing more than a smartphone and a headset.

Ionic conduction technology is used to minimise outside interference, while maximising comfort.

FIELD‘s ‘SuperActive’ technology uses parallel processing directly on the user’s head – but don’t get any Frankenstein vibes; what it actually means is that all of the data becomes useful in the same millisecond that it was created by the brain. A miniaturised module means the entire session can be run between the headset and the user’s smartphone and the system automatically leverages the power of the cloud to mix real time AI driven insights into the user’s session.

Understanding what your brain is trying to tell you

Through a combination of full brain scans and mind-assessing tasks, a detailed and comprehensive report is compiled that informs the user how their brain is affected by – and is affecting – their focus, memory, emotion, stress and creativity. Each person’s brain activity and task results are cross-referenced to a database of thousands of brain assessments to refine understanding, but the report is bespoke – person-by-person, brain-by-brain.

But the process doesn’t stop there; once the user has met their brain and is beginning to understand what is going on, the training can begin. Improvement goals are set, and a series of pathway interventions using alpha, delta, alpha-theta, phi, gamma, theta, HRV and SMR training are repeated, building improvements as they happen.

But what does that actually mean? Neurofeedback works by setting a simple goal for the brain and then giving either audio or visual rewards when the brain achieves the objective. Pairing the set goals with the power of AI makes for fast and relatively easy training that leads to long-term, measurable changes in performance and overall brain health. Instant feedback can help identify what drives your emotions and behaviours, how you feel when you’re at your best – and how to get back to that optimum state.

How FIELD is rolling out its tech

FIELD is bringing its brain training to the wider world in two different ways:

Phase 1 is a private, immersive pod coming soon to luxury spas, wellness clinics and regenerative practices globally. Customers can meet their brain and then interact with it directly through an app for a smartphone or tablet.

Phase 2 is the same technology as the FIELD pod; personal caps can be purchased for use in the home to train your brain and improve your life whenever and however you want.

Devon White, Co-founder and CEO of FIELD told Longevity.Technology: “We are on a mission to improve the wellbeing of millions; so many people struggle to maintain their mental wellness and realize their life goals, but self-improvement is the up-stream solution to mitigating the problem of neurological dysfunction. We want to introduce people to their brain using transformational neurotechnology to help them become balanced, happy and fulfilled.”

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