First Longevity AI Consortium launched at King’s

UK launch at King’s College of AI Longevity Hub has bold plans for 2020 and beyond.

Kings College London was home to a landmark event in Longevity this week. Longevity.Technology joined the one-day event which brought top leaders from all different sectors of academia, government and industry to discuss the development of AI technology in the Longevity field.

Many companies such as Insilico and Nuritas are now turning to AI-driven approaches to drug discovery and research that could change how we look at aging and health in later years.

The Longevity AI Consortium has officially launched as a major initiative of Ageing Research at King’s (ARK) which focuses on core Longevity R&D, including aging biomarkers and life and health data analytics. They predict that in 2020, AI-driven Longevity solutions will become the main focus and that an AI Longevity Accelerator is expected to be launched to meet the rising demand in this sector.

“AI holds unprecedented power to translate research into tangible solutions to extend healthy longevity…”

“Longevity is becoming mainstream among scientists, entrepreneurs, investors, major financial, tech and healthcare corporations, and progressive governments. AI holds unprecedented power to translate research into tangible solutions to extend healthy longevity, and it is with this mission in mind that Deep Knowledge Group and its associated subsidiaries are supporting the Longevity AI Consortium at King’s College London, the UK’s first AI for Longevity Hub.” said Dmitry Kaminskiy (Co-founder of Aging Analytics Agency and managing partner of Deep Knowledge Ventures).

The ultimate goal of the hub is to analyse the advancements in genetics, AI and health data collection and develop precision care that has greater accuracy. There are numerous factors that contribute to increasing lifespan and healthspan, everything from having better clinical methods to promoting healthy living and financial planning. This new Longevity hub is one step closer to fighting age-related diseases and unifying different fields targeting Longevity.

“AI holds enormous potential to rapidly accelerate the implementation of Longevity R&D. The nation is home to multiple centres of AI for Healthcare, but not a single Longevity AI Consortium. We are changing this through our unique academic-industry focus on preventive and personalised physical, mental and financial health, marking us out from other AI and Ageing centres around the world” said Richard Siow, Ph.D., Director of the Longevity AI Consortium at King’s College London and Ageing Research at King (ARK).

The Longevity AI Consortium will now serve as a leading UK Longevity hub for AI-driven personalised and preventive diagnostics, prognostics and therapeutics. This shows the large strides that Longevity has taken in recent years but also opens up more opportunities for more global hubs, that focus on implementing changes and investments that would propel Longevity solutions to the foreground.

Image credit: Carla Heyworth