Founders Forum and Longevity.Technology join forces to accelerate longevity investment

New international event program launches to bring longevity entrepreneurs and investors together.

Founders Forum and Longevity.Technology today announced the launch of the Founders Longevity Forum, a premier event series designed to educate and connect investors with the vast potential within the longevity market.

The inaugural Founders Longevity Forum will take place at Olympia London during the renowned London Tech Week, focusing on a sector that is projected to exceed $600 billion by 2025. This partnership aims to foster meaningful connections between startups, venture capitalists (VCs), corporate venture capitalists (CVCs), family offices and CEOs leading the charge in longevity.

Brent Hoberman, Co-Founder and Executive Chair of Founders Forum Group, said: “Longevity is becoming a mega trend as science makes increased healthspans more realistic, converging with a wider shift towards preventative healthcare.

Founders Forum CEO Carolyn Dawson (L) and Co-Founder and Executive Chair Brent Hoberman (R)

“We’ve noticed a need to connect top scientists and innovative startups with funds to help them turn their dreams into reality. By bringing together the best and brightest minds working on longevity today, we can galvanize progress in this area and transform the demographic landscape.”

Taking place on 10th and 11th June 2024, the Founders Longevity Forum will address the investment opportunities across the longevity space, from established longevity business models such as diagnostics, longevity clinics and supplements, through to cutting-edge longevity biotech companies poised to revolutionize the biotech industry and transform society. 

The event will also benefit from an advisory panel that has decades of longevity and geroscience expertise between them; the panel includes Eric Verdin, Andrea Maier, Jim Mellon and Aubrey de Grey, with further members to be announced.

Members of the Founders Longevity Forum include (L-R) Eric Verdin, Andrea Maier, Jim Mellon and Aubrey de Grey

“Multiple longevity events are happening and they’re all great, but few are specifically focused on bringing more investors into this rapidly accelerating field,” said Phil Newman, Founder and CEO, Longevity.Technology.

“We plan to stage events in London, Abu Dhabi and San Francisco initially to accelerate longevity investment globally, and catalyze a wave of innovation and collaboration that will redefine the future of human health.”

Phil Newman, Founder and CEO, Longevity.Technology

“We’re keen to educate investors on the vast opportunities in longevity whilst fostering meaningful connections for startups and scaleups in this niche,” said Carolyn Dawson, CEO, Founders Forum Group.

“Helping create these connections is central to our mission at Founders Forum Group as we seek to empower entrepreneurs at every stage of their journeys; with Longevity.Technology as our partner, we can forge formative alliances that propel longevity innovation.”

Key highlights of the Founders Longevity Forum:

  • Exclusive event – The Founders Longevity Forum will host a minimum of 120 approved guests, including high-caliber investors, family offices, longevity founders and VIPs.
  • Comprehensive program – guests will enjoy a half-day of content, a welcome reception, a full-day program and automatic registration for London Tech Week.
  • Global reach – following the London event, the Founders Longevity Forum will travel to Abu Dhabi and San Francisco.
  • Longevity takes center stage – The Longevity Village at London Tech Week will elevate this dynamic industry, showcasing the companies applying new technologies to extend human healthspan.

Join us in London in June – register your interest HERE.