Founders Longevity Forum announces additional speakers and agenda detail

Next month’s pioneering event set to offer unparalleled insights and networking opportunities in longevity research and investment.

As the highly anticipated Founders Longevity Forum draws ever nearer, we are excited to unveil further details about the speakers and the comprehensive agenda set to drive discussions and innovation in the longevity space.

The inaugural Founders Longevity Forum will take place during London Tech Week at Olympia London – a fitting setting given London Tech Week’s evolution into a major event, now housed in one of the city’s premier venues. The forum, running 10-11 June 2024, will bring together an impressive array of participants including founders, CEOs, venture capitalists, corporate investors, family offices and globally recognized thought leaders.

The Founders Longevity Forum will feature a diverse and distinguished lineup of speakers who will delve into the latest scientific advancements, commercial opportunities, and investment strategies in longevity. The event is structured to provide a platform for the exchange of groundbreaking ideas and to foster strategic connections between innovators and investors in the longevity tech sector.

In addition to the names we revealed earlier this month, together with Founders Forum, we are delighted to announce the second wave of speakers – and you can download the full agenda HERE.

Andrew Steele, scientist, longevity campaigner and author of Ageless: The new science of getting older without getting old

One of the most recognizable faces in longevity, Andrew Steele is a full-time science writer and presenter dedicated to tackling aging, something he describes as “the single most important scientific challenge of our time”. It is no surprise, then, that after Phil Newman and Brent Hoberman open the event, Andrew Steele will give an Introduction to longevity, setting the tone for the rest of the day.

Steele will consider longevity on a macro scale, looking at the macro demographic and economic arguments for investing in longevity science and healthspan intervention.

Best-selling author has high hopes for senolytics and wants society to realise that aging doesn’t have to be inevitable.
Andrew Steele

Sebastian Brunemeier, Founder & CEO, LongBio

Sebastian Brunemeier is a biotech VC and company builder focused on longevity and regenerative medicine. He will be using his vast experience to introduce the audience to the world of pre clinical companies and he will also participate in a preclinical companies panel.

Joined by Christin Glorioso, (CEO & Co-founder, NeuroAge) and David Meinhert (Principle, Healthspan Alpha), this interesting session is set to shed light on the landscape of early-stage preclinical companies and investment opportunities. Attendees will gain insights into the latest developments in preclinical research and the investment landscape, as well as valuable perspectives on the opportunities in early-stage ventures. In addition, attendees will gain actionable insights and strategies for success in the rapidly-evolving biotech sector.

Sebastian Brunemeier

Martin Varsavsky, Chairman, Gameto

Gameto is a biotech using cell engineering to develop therapeutics for diseases of the female reproductive system. Given the rising interest in how menopause accelerates biological aging and the association between reproductive lifespan and healthspan and longevity, it will be fascinating to hear from Martin Varsavsky in a fireside chat with Stasa Stankovic, a Reproductive Geneticist at the University of Cambridge on female reproductive longevity.

Martin Varsavsky

Federico Luna, Chief Marketing & E-Commerce Officer, Timeline

Timeline is a Swiss longevity biotech positioned at the intersection of the consumer health and nutrition sectors and leveraging the healthspan and longevity benefits of Mitopure, the company’s proprietary form of urolithin A. With years of experience in the longevity supplements industry, Federico Luna is well-placed to discuss longevity supplements, and in a fireside chat with Phil Newman, the pair will undertake a comprehensive exploration of this rapidly-evolving industry, delving into essential facets such as product strategies, pricing strategies, differentiation tactics, financial models and market opportunities.

The session will enable attendees to gain insights into the diverse categories of supplements available in the market today, and better understand supplement effective pricing strategies and differentiation techniques to stand out in a crowded market.

Federico Luna

Jörg Rieker, Founding Partner, Maximon, Petr Sramek, Managing Partner,, Judith Mueller, Trinity Square Capital, and Whitney Casey, Partner, L Catterton

While there are lots of great ideas on drawing boards and research going on in labs all over the world, there are also plenty of great products, services and platforms servicing the industry and consumers now. Jörg Rieker, Petr Sramek and Judith Mueller will be part of a panel session and Q&A focused on investing in longevity ‘now’ companies which will be moderated by Whitney Casey. The session will reflect on an overview of risks for the investor, considering rewards, business models, valuations, &c, and also provide an overview of different investment stages, risks, rewards, valuations and case studies.

Additionally, the session will delve into different investment stages when investing in longevity, providing attendees with a thorough understanding of valuation methodologies and real world case studies. Ultimately, the session aims to equip investors with the required knowledge to invest in the dynamic longevity market.

L-R: Jörg Rieker, Whitney Casey and Petr Sramek

Sergey Jakimov, Managing Partner, LongeVC, Michael Greve, CEO and Founder, Forever Healthy and Nils Regge, Founder and GP, Apollo Health Ventures

Whether you are thinking about investing in longevity or hoping to secure investment to scale your technology, gaining the perspective of those already experienced in longevity biotech investing can be invaluable. One of the highlights of the Founders Longevity Forum is sure to be the panel discussion and Q&A moderated by Nils Regge and featuring Sergey Jakimov, Michael Greve, Abby Levy (Primetime Partners) and Oliver Colville (Apeiron Investments)

These key investors will discuss their experiences and share their guidance to other VCs and for family offices wanting to start investing in longevity.

L-R: Sergey Jakimov, Michael Greve and Nils Regge

Nikolina Lauc, Cofounder and CEO, GlycanAge, David Luu, Founder, Longevity Docs and Hannah Went, Cofounder, TruDiagnostic

Aging biomarkers – identifying them, tracking them, leveraging them in biological age tests – are big news. This fireside chat will dive into the science behind pinpointing a person’s true age and the pace at which they age. There will also be a discussion of how industry standards are established with an emphasis on the importance of gaining support from clinical professionals for these standards and methodologies. Attendees will be able to further understand a niche area of the longevity field, potentially driving investment into the area.

L-R: Nikolina Lauc, David Luu and Hannah Went

Founders Longevity Forum promises to be a cornerstone for those deeply invested in the future of longevity research and its commercial applications; by uniting top-tier talent and leading minds, the Founders Longevity Forum aims to catalyze advancements that could significantly impact global health and aging.

With such a robust agenda and esteemed speakers, this event is set to be a landmark gathering in the field of longevity – please join us in two weeks at Olympia London to be part of this transformative experience.

The great news is that we have also partnered up with Longevity Summit Dublin, the prominent event that gathers experts, entrepreneurs, researchers and investors in longevity and rejuvenation biotechnology.

Taking place later the same week as Founders Longevity Forum, the summit plays a crucial role in advancing longevity research by fostering collaborations, sharing insights and promoting the importance of extending healthy lifespans.

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