Founders Longevity Forum – first wave of speakers announced

Inaugural event boasts stellar lineup of speakers, promising groundbreaking insights and dynamic connections in longevity space.

We are counting down the days until the inaugural Founders Longevity Forum. Set against the vibrant backdrop of London Tech Week, which has grown to such an extent that it is being held at Olympia London for the first time, Founders Longevity Forum will bring together the brightest minds in the longevity field.

On 10-11 June 2024, Founders Longevity Forum will see founders, CEOs, VCs, corporate VCs, family offices and global thought leaders and experts convening to shed light on the most promising scientific, commercial and investment pathways in the rapidly-accelerating longevity field. The event has also been designed to foster connections between top-tier longevity tech founders and eager investors looking to fuel innovation in this dynamic space.

Together with Founders Forum, we are delighted to announce the first wave of speakers at this exciting event.

Alex Zhavoronkov, Founder and CEO, Insilico Medicine

Dr Zhavoronkov will speak about AI drug discovery. AI and machine learning are powerful tools in drug discovery and development, from target identification to clinical trial prediction, and AI, speeded by robotics and quantum computing, will usher in an age of hyper-personalized medicine.

Alex Zhavoronkov

Aubrey de Grey, President & Chief Science Officer, Longevity Escape Velocity Foundation

Dr de Grey, one of the world’s foremost biomedical gerontologists, will provide Founders Longevity Forum with an overview of longevity science. Dr de Grey is passionate about longevity science and propelling its development. LEV Foundation, of which he is President and CSO, is involved in some cutting edge longevity science projects, including a flagship mouse longevity study that aims to identify synergies between known rejuvenation therapies, and novel cryopreservation technology that should scale tissue and organ banking.

Aubrey de Grey

Bhuvan Srinivasan, Chief Business Officer, Ultrahuman

Claiming to be the “world’s most comprehensive self-quantification platform”, Ultrahuman’s products include products include the world’s lightest sleep-tracking wearable, a CGM platform, a home health device that monitors environmental markers that affect your health every day and a preventive blood testing platform built with cutting edge tech. It is no surprise, then, that Bhuvan Srinivasan will discuss longevity wearables at FLF.

Emil Kendziorra, Founder and CEO, Tomorrow Bio

Joining FLF to present on cryopreservation is Dr Emil Kendziorra, one of the founders of swiftly-growing cryonics organisation Tomorrow Bio. The company offers a complete cryopreservation program, meaning that its customers could potentially be revived in the future to live an extended life. Given the company’s focus on advancement and education in the space of medical biostasis, it will be fascinating to hear what role cryonics could play in extending longevity.

Emil Kendziorra

Amy Killen, antiaging and regenerative medicine physician

Dr Amy Killen is clinical practice owner and entrepreneur, who frequents both the international speaking circuit and the media. An outspoken advocate for people being able to look and feel their best, she advises on lifestyle modification, integrative medicine, body-identical hormones, nutritional supplements, energy modalities and stem cell therapies. As the number of longevity clinics continues to rise, we look forward to hearing Dr Killen speak on this topic.

Amy Killen

Ronjon Nag, Founder and President, R42 Group

R42 is a family office and venture group that invests primarily in AI, biotech and science, and supports pre-seed stage companies in their growth journey. Its founder, Dr Ronjon Nag, is passionate about inventing, informing and investing in the future of humanity, and he is also CEO and cofounder of Agemica, a drug discovery company with disruptive aims – to develop a vaccine for aging. Backed by a wealth of experience, Dr Nag will join FLF to offer a detailed explanation of the whole concept of longevity science, and discuss progress of the science of reversing aging, presenting an overview of industry progress.

Ronjon Nag

Todd White, Operations Steward, VitaDAO

Healthspan advocate and Big Data enthusiast, Dr Todd White is a member of VitaDAO’s Steward Coordination Working Group. His involvement with VitaDAO, a community-owned collective funding and supporting longevity science, means he is ideally placed to present to FLF on demystifying DeSci and DAOs, discussing how to move research as real world assets onto the blockchain.

Todd White

Bruno Balen, Founder, Ani Biome

Bruno Balen’s LinkedIn profile is testament to how passionate he is about speaking for and about longevity. The man behind Ani Biome, a longevity biotech startup using AI to produce scientifically backed personalized fermented bioactives for emotional health, will speak on founder pitching for longevity, how to present innovative ideas and solutions aimed at extending lifespan and improving healthspan.

Bruno Balen