Fountain Life acquires LifeOmic

Longevity clinic operator snaps up precision health data company to become its ‘technological backbone’ provider.

Preventative healthcare provider Fountain Life has acquired precision health data technology firm LifeOmic. While financial terms of the deal were not disclosed, the acquisition includes the transfer of all intellectual property owned by LifeOmic, encompassing its LifeOmic Platform, the LifeOmic Patient Mobile App, and more.

Fountain Life already employs AI technologies to collect and analyze data for the early detection of various age-related conditions as it aims to enable individuals to maintain peak performance as they age. The LifeOmic acquisition provides Fountain Life with new technology resources, as well as a team of coders, designers, and engineers, enhancing the company’s capabilities in data platforms, AI systems, and medical technology development and deployment.

The LifeOmic Platform, a cloud-based software solution for precision health, is expected to become the technological backbone of Fountain Life’s proactive healthcare offerings. The platform aggregates and analyzes health data across electronic health records, genomics, clinical information, imaging, population data, and patient records, and will be used to interface with Fountain Life’s Digital and @Home offerings.

“The integration of LifeOmic’s technology will enable us to augment the technology that serves as the foundation for our services,” said Dr Bill Kapp, CEO of Fountain Life. “While today we are delivering proactive care through Fountain Life centers throughout the US, our plan is to make the same services available to individuals anywhere at any time, eventually even in their homes. LifeOmic’s tools will be critical to this expansion.”

The acquisition aligns with Fountain Life’s mission to deliver healthcare via a proactive and data-driven model, emphasizing longevity and early illness detection and treatment.

“The healthcare industry is at a turning point,” said Dr Don Brown, CEO of LifeOmic. “The future of medicine is here, and it requires a more proactive approach. I am thrilled to be part of an organization leveraging the latest science and technology to disrupt the healthcare system with a focus on preventing disease and, when necessary, finding and treating it at the earliest possible stage.”