Fountain Life announces $15 million investment

New investment from Eos and Newcross Healthcare set to advance future US and global expansion of unique healthcare screening.

Fountain Life, a preventative health and longevity company has announced it has secured $15 million in funding from Eos Venture Partners, a leading InsurTech investor, and Newcross Healthcare, experts in healthcare including treatment and care at home, based in the United Kingdom.

Longevity.Technology: Fountain Life’s ethos is centred around transforming global healthcare from reactive to proactive. This latest investment will aid the company, including its integrated insurance business, in that goal, as it seeks to remodel the healthcare ecosystem and improve future healthcare and its availability both in the home and more widely around the globe. When we spoke to Dr Bill Kapp, Fountain Life’s co-founder and CEO, earlier this year, he confirmed that plans to open global centres in London, India and the Middle East in 2023 are in the pipeline.

By using cutting-edge technology to detect asymptomatic diseases early, Fountain Life plans to shift the emphasis from reactive to preventive care and has an arsenal of innovative physicians and scientists on board, working to create a new kind of healthcare that is predictive, preventive, personalised and data-driven. By leveraging new AI technologies and advanced diagnostic testing to identify conditions such as cancer, cardiac, metabolic, and neurodegenerative disease at the earliest stages, Fountain Life aims to give its members the information and tools to make lifestyle modifications that can help them live longer, happier lives.

Fountain Life was founded in 2020 by life and business strategist Tony Robbins, author and entrepreneur Peter Diamandis and surgeon, biomedical scientist and entrepreneur Dr Bob Hariri,. Launched as a health insurance business, Fountain Life has dedicated centres in Florida, New York, Texas and India and in addition, members can receive its services via tele-health where the law permits.

“Detecting asymptomatic disease is challenging because the human body is amazing at masking symptoms, but diagnostic technologies have come a long way,” said Bill Kapp.

“The ability to screen for structural abnormalities and other key indicators of developing disease exists today, but we must change the healthcare delivery model to truly realize the benefits of early disease detection.

“The best way to avoid or mitigate long term issues is to look for them early – waiting until conditions manifest themselves and require costly treatment is suboptimal and can lead to reduced longevity and quality of life. We are humbled by the commitment by Eos Venture Partners and Newcross Healthcare to support this transformation [1].”

Usually, traditional health insurance only spends a small percentage of premiums on preventative healthcare, although long-term investment in prevention is better for both the patient and the bank balance. Fountain Health Insurance, a subsidiary of Fountain Life, hopes that by switching up the focus and to a heavy investment in preventative healthcare, it can help create healthier populations and lower overall healthcare costs.

Fountain Life CEO on combining health data and the latest technology to detect disease early and improve longevity.

While Fountain Health Insurance does cover traditional care, its primary focus is on proactive engagement and preventative care, which saves lives by catching illness early, while it is still highly treatable, or by eliminating it entirely.

Preventative healthcare also saves money; early detection and treatment costs are a fraction of those incurred when illnesses like cancer, heart disease and diabetes are diagnosed in their more advanced stages. The field of early detection is accelerating due to the convergence of sensors, networks and AI – these are transforming medical diagnostics, providing physicians with tools that were previously unavailable and making earlier treatment possible.

“We are delighted to announce our investment and partnership with Fountain Life, a unique business combining the latest in precision diagnostics with an insurance business to democratize access to leading medical technology,” said Eos partner Sam Evans. “We look forward to working with the team to support their product and geographic expansion plans [1].”

“We are very pleased to become a strategic investor in Fountain Life. The future transformation of care will be greatly enhanced by a focus on wellness and preventative diagnostics as well as advancements in treatment and care at home enabled by technology and a highly skilled healthcare workforce,” said Stephen Pattrick CEO and co-founder of Newcross Healthcare [1].


Photographs: Fountain Life