Fountain Life launches ‘entry-level’ program to democratize access to longevity medicine

Clinic provider’s new CORE membership offers quarterly blood-based biomarker testing along with access to longevity physicians and coaches.

Preventative healthcare provider Fountain Life has launched a new membership option that aims to democratize access to longevity-focused healthcare. The company, which leverages cutting edge diagnostics and AI at its growing network of longevity clinics in the US, has introduced the CORE program to allow more people to benefit from its services.

CORE members receive quarterly blood tests that are analyzed for key biomarkers associated with cardiovascular health, metabolic function, hormonal balance, inflammatory response, and nutrition levels. Following each blood test, members engage in a “televisit” with a Fountain Life longevity physician, who develops a personalized health optimization plan based on their biomarker results, as well as lifestyle, environment, and genetic factors. The plan is focused both on symptom management and addressing the underlying root causes of health issues.

Priced at $2995 annually, CORE is billed as an “entry-level” pathway to allow more people to access clinical services for optimized health and longevity. Between tests and physician appointments, members receive ongoing support from a certified health coach to help them implement and achieve their health goals. With access to Fountain Life’s mobile app also included, CORE members can digitally manage their appointments, test results, and health plans.

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Dr William Kapp is co-founder and CEO of Fountain Life.

“We recognize that traditional primary care physicians often fall short in fully assessing health diagnostics to optimize well-being and promote longevity and typically don’t employ the root cause, functional medicine approach,” said Dr William Kapp, CEO of Fountain Life. “With our new CORE membership, we’re opening doors to proactive health for everyone while also extending our focus on longevity.”

Beyond its standard offerings, CORE members can opt for additional diagnostic testing to detect asymptomatic cardiac disease, cancer, neurodegenerative conditions, and metabolic dysfunction. Fountain Life’s state-of-the-art centers boast advanced diagnostic capabilities, including AI-enhanced full-body and brain MRI, DEXA bone density scans, and coronary CT angiography.

Fountain Life recently acquired precision health data technology firm LifeOmic, which the company said would become the become the “technological backbone” of its proactive healthcare offerings.

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