Fountain Life: longevity real estate built on prevention and detection

Fountain Life COO talks master-planned communities that focus on longevity and healthspan from the get-go.

With an innovative, fully-integrated platform that aims to deliver best-in-class predictive, preventative, personalized and data-driven health, Fountain Life is on a mission to change healthcare from reactive to proactive and from amelioration to prevention.

With founding partners including Peter Diamandis, Tony Robbins, Robert Hariri and William Kapp, and the Buck Institute’s Eric Verdin on its medical advisory board, Fountain Life has an impeccable pedigree. The company has already opened four precision diagnostic testing centers, including its latest in Lake Nona, Florida, with centers in California, New Delhi, Dubai and Toronto coming soon.

Longevity.Technology: Longevity is often described as a journey, but the destination is pretty important, too! By partnering with real estate developers, hospitality management companies and other wellness-oriented businesses, Fountain Life aims to create innovative healthcare destinations where a spa-like experience is seamlessly interwoven with cutting edge tech that delivers precision diagnostic testing, and where prevention and healthspan are as much key tenets of the community as green spaces and well-designed layouts.

Last year, we spoke to Fountain Life’s CEO about the company’s mission, but things move fast in longevity, so to find out how Fountain’s plans are shaping up, we sat down with Chief Operating Officer Shawn Buchheit. 

Shawn Buchheit on…

Room for improvement

What we’ve learned over the course of the last two years is that there is a lot that is right with the healthcare system, but I think the two areas where we can find opportunity for improvement are:

  1. Incentivizing prevention and being more proactive in one’s health. There is huge opportunity for incentivizing that, whether it’s through health insurance plans or having more proactive synergized experiences for the like-minded consumer.
  2. Redefining what the healthcare experience is – what the consumer receives. Oftentimes, wait times can be quite long, patients are at the mercy of healthcare professionals’ schedules, etc.
Fountain Life: longevity real estate built on prevention and detection

Democratizing longevity through early detection

How do we democratize our amazing therapies and products and give a part to the masses? In order to do that, we developed a health insurance company called Fountain Health Insurance. We try to match the traditional part of the coverage, but at a fully-paid 100% health benefit, we provide four health journeys throughout the year.

Some of these are life-changing things that can be expensive, not only in terms of if not paid through health insurance, but in terms of awareness, access and education. People just aren’t aware or what’s out there. For example, one of the tools that everyone with our health insurance has access to is GRAIL, the blood biopsy cancer screening service – this screens for 50 forms of cancer with a single vial of blood. We synergize providing wellness with something you’re already paying for – we just put it in the proactive part of it.

Fountain Life: longevity real estate built on prevention and detection

The intersection between longevity, luxury and destination

Fountain Life has partnered with Tavistock on its Lake Nona center in Florida, and one of the reasons we partner so well with Tavistock, and the other mixed use live-work-play communities, is that Fountain Life is the perfect complement to everything they have going on. What we do is on the front end – early detection, optimization of longevity etc. We can leverage the ecosystem to facilitate that journey. Traditional healthcare is on the back end – wait til you break – but we find we can come in, quarterback, and really take advantage of that whole ecosystem.

This sort of real estate partnership is really our focus now and we’re only looking at live-work-play locations as possibilities for Fountain Life because of the success of Lake Nona. The real estate developers themselves are our investment partners, and we work together to roadmap the Fountain Life Center for the benefit of the entire community. Not only facilitating, but attracting best in class.