FOXO and DataRobot collaborate on AI-enabled epigenetic biomarker research

Epigenetic biomarker commercialization company FOXO Technologies has formed a strategic partnership with value-driven AI company DataRobot. The collaboration will use predictive AI and high-throughput automation to predict factors associated with human longevity using epigenetic biomarkers.

FOXO’s mission is to leverage epigenetics and AI for generating data-backed insights that support optimal health and longevity.  Epigenetic biomarkers are key in unveiling connections between health, aging, and human longevity. FOXO employs DNA methylation microarray technology, encompassing more than 860,000 locations on the human genome, to develop these biomarkers.

By harnessing DataRobot’s robust AI platform, FOXO says it can efficiently analyze extensive and intricate datasets, substantially expediting the identification of crucial biomarkers. Used by 40% of the Fortune 50, DataRobot claims it has the only “complete AI lifecycle platform,” which means it interoperates with an organization’s existing data, applications and business processes.

“This partnership has been transformative for our research,” Nichole Rigby, Director of Bioinformatics and Data Science at FOXO. “DataRobot’s library of advanced algorithms and extensive automation capabilities have empowered us to rapidly transform DNA methylation data into useful insights, enabling us to develop and deploy software products quickly.”

“We believe that with the ability to analyze data at scale, FOXO can uncover critical patterns and associations that hold the potential to reshape healthcare and wellness strategies,” said Tyler Danielson, CEO of FOXO. “Our mission is to enhance human health and longevity through innovative technologies. Collaborating with DataRobot has given us the tools to accelerate our efforts, providing crucial insights into the aging process and ultimately enabling us to improve the quality of life for people worldwide.”